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J. Larry: Penn
is a global university, and Penn Medicine
also has a global reach. I’m proud that our services
are now available to anyone around the world. Penn Passport
is a membership program. We monitor
a patient’s clinical care and provide access when
they need it, to Penn Medicine. – Penn Passport was first
designed actually by a patient who came to us and said for individuals who do
a lot of traveling, we want Penn Medicine
in our back pocket. – Penn Passport has been active
for many years now. It’s really designed
to help people who are international travelers and really want the best
possible medical care. – I felt that this was something
I could do for me and my family and it ended up being one of
the best decision I’d ever made. My daughter was diagnosed with the worst type of
skin cancer you can have, and immediately
Penn Passport jumped on it. They got my daughter
an appointment immediately. We got her in there
for a second opinion, and they successfully operated
on her and got the cancer. That alone is worth
the Penn Passport membership. – We’re an international
institution, so it’s an easy phone call
to say, hey, there’s a Penn Passport
individual in your city who is having
this particular problem. We know how to get them to
the right level of medical care and who can make that
happen for them. – We have various
levels of membership, whether it’s a couple,
or whether it’s a full family. We often find
that the older adolescent who is traveling,
whether it’s on spring break, or during their four years
at college, we’re giving you the very best in our knowledge of our colleagues around the world. – So if you need someone, you can talk to someone
anytime 24/7, to make sure that your clinical
questions are answered. Jack: We take a very proactive
approach. It’s not just a service
that is there for you when something happens. Our patients can rest assured that there’s somebody
overseeing their medical care and has their big picture
in mind, and that’s what
Penn Passport provides. Kelly: Penn Medicine, not only
is it an Ivy League institution, and it is one of the best
institutions in the world. The people at Penn Medicine are what I come to work for
every day. – You see that friendliness with
our doctors, with our nurses, people willing to put everything
on hold that they’re doing to usher a family
to the right location, to make sure that a patient
is listened to. Those moments are personal, incredible, and I think that that’s what Penn Medicine stands for. J. Larry:
Penn has always taken a personalized approach
to patient care, and through Penn Passport,
its personalized care is now available to patients
anywhere in the world.

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