Penn State Behrend pinning ceremony for student nurses

This is Penn State Behrend’s pinning
ceremony for their BSN graduating class of 2019. We are here to celebrate and honor
them, to welcome them into the profession of nursing. This is a long-standing
tradition, sort of like a rite of passage, where you are taking these new graduates
and bringing them on board. And we’re all, you know, embracing them and welcoming them into that long-standing profession of nursing. It just means so much.
With all the accomplishments we’ve had, and all the goals that we’ve met, and you
know the long journey we’ve had. I just wanted to show anyone that they could do it,
no matter when they do it in life, if it’s right after you graduate, or if it’s
after you have a family, you can do it. I did it and it’s possible.

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