Penn State Biomechanics and Imaging Lab: Elastography

The goal that we have in the lab is to combine a biomechanics and imaging method to create tools for the diagnosis of injuries and diseases in the musculoskeletal system. So right now we are using MRI and ultrasound for the measurements that we do. Specifically we are using a methodology called elastography that is a non-invasive technique to get mechanical properties from these tissues. One of the main projects in the lab is focused on back pain. So what we want to do with elastography is to calculate mechanical properties inside the issue and see if those properties can be used to evaluate the degree of the degeneration in these tissue and if it is recording after therapy or any other treatment applied for back pain. I’d like to quickly introduce Daniel Cortes. Dan is a relatively new faculty member in mechanical and nuclear engineering. He joined the faculty last fall. Welcome Daniel. It was nice to have different researchers from different parts of the University, different areas to see what we are doing in the lab. Overall I saw that there was some interest on the methods that we are developing especially if they could be applied to small animals because there are a lot of researchers working or using small animals for different studies. My long-term goal is that once we know how these properties relate to the disease, we can potentially evaluate the effectiveness of each of those methods. Basically we can say which method may work better for a specific condition or a specific type of back pain.

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