Penn State College of Medicine – Dermatology Residency

[MUSIC PLAYING] We put patients at the
center of everything we do. So will you. That’s our guiding
philosophy at Penn State College of Medicine’s
dermatology residency. It’s not sink or swim. It’s about leaping in and being
a dermatologist from day one. Whether your focus is research
or clinical practice or both, it’s all about healing patients. One of the things that I’m
most proud of at Penn State Dermatology is our commitment
to skin cancer prevention. We provide free skin
checks every spring. And we outfit the grounds crew
with sun-protective clothing. Penn State offers
the opportunity to become very well-rounded
dermatologists. We have multiple experiences
that you can get here, if you’re interested in
surgery, dermatopathology, cosmetics, or even just
medical dermatology. We see a variety
of experiences that help us to become
excellent dermatologists. Here at Penn State we
start every Monday morning with Journal Club. Both faculty and residents
get together as a team, and we discuss the newest
literature in dermatology. It’s a great way that we
promote lifelong learning, but also a great way for us to
bring the newest and greatest treatments to all our patients. You’ll be based in the
sweetest place on earth, and be close to some of the
most exciting places on the East Coast. We’re serious
about your success. And we’re committed to you. Contact us today. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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