Penn State College of Medicine – Global Health Scholars Program

The Global Health
Scholars Program is a really unique,
innovative curriculum for our medical students. And it’s a four-year program. It starts in their first
year of medical school and runs straight
through their four years. And they take two trips abroad. The first trip is at the
end of their first year of medical school. And they take another month-long
trip in their fourth year of medical school. I was in Ghana for a
total of four weeks. It extended from June
15th to July 15th. The first week we flew into
Accra, which is the capital, spent some time learning
the language, the culture, the value system, basics
about their health care. And then we spent the following
three weeks in Koforidua, which is a more rural town. And that’s where we
did our clinical work at Eastern Regional Hospital. I wanted to participate in the
Global Health Scholars Program because, initially, when I had
my first interests in medicine, I did some mission
work traveling. It wasn’t clinical but it was
with organizations like Habitat for Humanity, People Who Care. And I loved the
aspect of traveling with like-minded people working
to accomplish a common goal and then seeing the
tangible result of the work that you accomplished. With this experience– I think
will help aid in my growth as a physician just
experiencing a new culture and being comfortable with those
with such different backgrounds and such different
views of the world, I think is a skill that
you need to develop. And these experiences,
when you fully immerse yourself for 30 days
in a row, are invaluable. When I return to
Ghana I look forward to using the clinical
experience and knowledge that I’ve gained over
the last four years to make a positive impact in
the patient’s lives there. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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