Penn State College of Medicine Graduate Student Oath Ceremony – 2011

This occasion marks an important time in the
lives of new students. It is the transition from undergraduate to graduate studies. And
it also importantly marks the transition from consumption of knowledge to generating new
knowledge. Integrity, professionalism and scholarship
guide our research and endeavors. Follow those three pillars, integrity, professionalism
and scholarship and you and your peers will begin a great career here at Hershey.
Science can still be grinding, political and is rarely the smooth road from idea to publication
imagined when we first germinate a new idea. But perhaps one of you, hey, perhaps all of
you will be the Thomas Hodgkin’s of our age?
With that we would like to begin the presentation of the coats and other tokens of the degree
programs for our new students. Hi, my name is Jordon Gains, I graduated
from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and I am pursuing my Ph.D. in Neuroscience.
Hi, I am Prashanth Gokare and I graduated with a masters from the University of Huston
and I am pursuing my Ph.D degree in Molecular Medicine.
[All speaking] I, Shane Lloyd has entered the series pursuit of new knowledge as the member
of the community of graduate students at Penn State College of Medicine.
So, with that, welcome everybody to the Penn State College of Medicine. I think you guys
are going to have a very exciting and intellectually rewarding experience here.
Interviewing at Penn State Hershey was a really good experience, I felt very welcomed. All
the faculty members were very interested in talking about science and research and very
interested in hearing about what I wanted to do, what I wanted to focus on and how I
could become a part of Penn State Hershey. I found a sense of community here was something
that was unlike any other school and it reminded me of home and the schools I went to back
there so that ultimately lead me to where I am now.
I had several friends that went to Penn State Hershey and had great things to say and they
have an outstanding reputation.

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