Penn State Hershey Medical Center has earned Magnet Redesignation™.

Well, let’s get to the reason why I’m
calling. I’m really happy to be calling this morning
because I’m calling on behalf of the commission of Magnet. And the commission has reviewed all of your
submitted documentation and the findings of your recent site visit and they met last week
to go over all of that. And as a result of the final review, it is
my high honor and privilege to officially notify you that the commission of Magnet has
unanimously voted to re-credential Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center [Cheers]
So, in addition to the designation, which is challenging to achieve as it is, the commission
of Magnet along with feedback from your appraisers identified three exemplar practices that they
wanted me to review with you. Most of your exemplar’s was in NK2, which
is describe and demonstrate the system membership and the protection of human subjects and research. (cheering]
The appraiser noted that you have the involvement of six registered nurses on multiple bodies
responsible for the protection of human subjects and research and that really far exceeds what
is commonly seen in a Magnet organization. To your next one is which to describe and
demonstrate the structure and processes used by the organization to develop and expand
and or advance nursing research so they are sort of combined and obviously research plays
a prominent role within the nursing strategic plan of the organization and you have a rich
infrastructure of this, you have three PH.D. RNs supporting various research activities
and the guiding principles for education and mentoring were taking from national experts
of AACN and ANA Your last one is on NK9 which is about nurses
being involved in the evaluation and allocation of technology and information systems and
during the site visit [cheers] Whoops! [Laughter] You have a very active crew there. [laughter] but what was observed was that
the direct care nurses report 100% involvement in designing and building the Children’s
Hospital adjacent to the main facility. One nurse interview reported that they gave
feedback on beds, equipment, rooms, colors and the smallest of details including the
placement of electrical outlets. I’m excited because I got to be a Magnet
escort and I just got the news that we are recertified and I’m delighted for that because
being an escort and hearing in the room the announcement I was with another escort and
we actually got to talk about the Children’s Hospital and how we went in and picked out
the rooms and we talked to the architecture. So, that was pretty sweet to actually hear
that what we said they recognized and talked about in their final like “good job.” Penn State Hershey Medical Centers Magnet
re-designation, what it means to our nurses is it reaffirms the outcomes and the excellence
in care that they provide each and every day here. Our nursing staff dedicate themselves to producing
the very best to the patients they serve and the Magnet organization has now just affirmed
that for us that our nurses are the best.

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