Penn State Strategic Plan

[Music] in 2016 with input from across our University Penn State unveiled the next phase of a history of strategic plan development that has elevated our university among the ranks of the great research institutions this is the university’s roadmap through the year 2025 themes are at the core of our plan five areas where Penn Staters can use their collective strengths to impact the nation and the world Penn State is a world leader in research creative work teaching learning and engagement in my college we’re finding incredible ways to create inspire innovate and deliver meaningful impact on real world needs the strategic plan provides a shared set of goals it gives our students faculty staff department heads Dean’s and chancellors tremendous opportunity to collaborate the possibilities are limited only by our imagination every day everyone in every area of the university has the opportunity to contribute to our success from developing new businesses through invent Penn State to helping solve societal problems like the opioid crisis we are answering the challenges and creating exciting new learning opportunities for our students in addition to large-scale signature efforts the university has invested more than four million dollars in over 20 pilot programs the grants awarded to groups of students faculty and staff range from 50 to 250 thousand dollars our work is wide-ranging smart energy use disease prevention cyber security immersive learning autonomous vehicles one project looks at how to secure and manage health data another is focused on the global development of energy-efficient buildings that promote human health and still another seeks to expand sustainable food production right here in Pennsylvania students are engaged and faculty and staff are focused not only on global issues but also in opening doors to an extraordinary educational experience learn more and see how you will make a difference [Music]

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