Penn State Today QuickCast: March 4, 2019

[Music] hi I’m Emanuele LeBlanc and I’m Haley Brown this is a penn state today quickcast thanks for joining us police have released the latest crime numbers after state Patty’s weekend and they say they’re encouraging state Patty’s Day is a so-called student-created drinking holiday and police and the University have been trying to reduce the impact on the community for years last weekend the number of total crimes reported arrests and calls for service to both State College and Penn State Police saw a big drop from last year in most cases the numbers are the lowest in the past nine years Penn State President Eric Barron was in Harrisburg a few days ago to make the case for increased funding for the university addressing the Senate Appropriations Committee Barron highlighted the ways Penn State helps communities across the state he said it contributes more than eleven billion dollars to the economy including more than a hundred thousand jobs Penn State is requesting a six percent funding increase the Penn State held CEO and Dean of the College of Medicine is retiring after 18 years with the University dr. Craig he’ll Emir will step down this summer during his tenure he helped expand the university’s academic Medical Center group into a clinical and academic operation he also shaped Penn State health as a community-based health care network to improve access quality and affordability the renovation project for East halls at University Park began after spring 2016 and is still in progress the next phase of renovation has been approved by Penn State’s Board of Trustees though start construction on Sproul and Geary halls in May and those expected to be open for students for the fall semester in 2020 this renovation is expected to cost more than 60 million dollars the entire East halls renovation project is expected to be done in 2022 plenty of Penn State students won’t be vacationing for spring break this year this Penn State Berks alternative Spring Break program is taking a group of six students to San Juan Puerto Rico where the recovery continues from Hurricane Maria they’re spending this week working on a mangrove reforestation project the group will work with amaz aid a nonprofit organization doing the project after the damage from the 2017 hurricane that’s all for the penn state today quickcast you can see more student produced work from the Belisario College of communications on our website Commedia have a great day [Music]

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