Penn’s Master of Chemical Sciences Student Testimonial: Rahul Goel

My name is Rahul Goel and, um, I’m here for
Masters of Chemical Sciences with a specialization in Organic Chemistry, and I recently graduated
from the University of California at Berkeley with a Bachelors in Chemical and Biomolecular
Engineering. During my sophomore year in college, I, uh,
took this organic chemistry course that I was required to take being a chemical engineer
and then, I was really fascinated by all the reactions, all the mechanisms in organic chemistry. And, uh, from there, I just joined a research
group and then I wanted to do more chemistry. The program gave us several opportunities
to interact with people from various companies, like the Blumberg Institute, GlaxoSmithKline,
Merck, where there were several presentations on what these companies do and they also offered
us opportunities to do our capstone project in the industry. I just started working in a research group
last week, which involves synthesizing tetramers and eventually we want to synthesize optimers
of Tröger’s Base, and basically the alpha helix structure of these compounds, it can
help in the treatment of diseases like cancer and AIDS, eventually.

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