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Ask reddit what should people stop buying MLM products, I recently met someone on an online Friends site and he was oddly persistent in getting together I asked if was going to try to sell me something. Oh, not at all He replied when we finally got together It was going to be business minded people just talking about business concepts and going out for drinks Sounded like crap. But okay. I’ll give him a short Mlm right off the bat. I didn’t have anything better to do and drove an hour. So I hung out after the hour-long presentation The gallon front of me these is the product and her brother is one of the three guys Presenting turns to ask me if I’m joining I said no and she stumbled and asked oh, but you’re going to buy some and I said no again She was flabbergasted and had no idea how to respond My wife was having issues making friends in our new city She met this girl at Target who was really nice common interests genuinely friendly She and her husband pulled my wife along for a full month before pushing the MLM thing. My wife said she’s consider She’s from Grand Rapids home of Amway where it’s not seen negatively So she signs up has a party and immediately This couple is like we have meetings three days a week. You are required to be a two of them She pieced out quick got all her money back as part of a guarantee Now as soon as people ask we just say no and ask them to stop talking to us She is still struggling with friends because of it. She trusts no one Fast fashion it has made so poorly that it really won’t have a long life time It looks ok for the first few wears, but with time it stretches or fades and starts to look bad It ends up going into the trash or sent to Africa where it is making it impossible for local clothing Manufacturers to remain open plus most of the time these clothes are created in very unethical labor conditions Exploiting poor countries communities. This is a big one I’ve abandoned most of these stores entirely and always aim to buy less higher-quality clothes The main problem here is that once people get used to Primack level bargains? It’s hard to convince them to spend more because they don’t perceive that higher value as justified Most people consume for consumption stake not aiming to get the best product or supporting good brand practices plastic in general but especially one use plastic in consumer products Yes in medical products now I get the rational and medical waste is a problem But we should be serious about the revolution in care and safety that have emerged because of plastics and medicine We haven’t come up with a good alternative in this area yet Single-use plastic in pharmaceuticals is a godsend as it reduces the chance of contamination Right, but plastic packaging to protect an oranges and devils work So everyone gets upset about the straws they use in restaurants, but let me tell you about the plastic used in manufacturing I make medical prototype parts and we have to send them out for outside treatment an or dice put a color and protective coating on aluminum pass ative cleans and Stabilizes the surface of stainless steel or powder coat general painting process for metal It’s how they paint cars kind of just last week We shipped out about 500 parts We shipped them in bulk size egg trays and tape them all together with paper based packing tape They come back to us with every single part in its own little plastic bag wrapped in plastic Put in bundles in another bag wrapped in plastic It was ridiculous Seriously so much plastic all the bits of hardware to assemble this prototype. We needed about 100 small ball bearings 3/8 in diameter Guess what? All of them came in their own bag and then every 5 in another larger bag, then all of those bags in another bag So it was like 130 plastic bags I spent about three hours unwrapping cutting and opening plastic bags I think that the shipping and delivery industry needs to do away with plastic in general There’s too much of it being used when something like ahead based paper would work so much better New funds when the old one is just fine A lot of precious materials go into the production of them and well have they really improved that much the last few years Edit Wow, I’m glad to see so many people agree good on us I wish I had been able to keep my old firm. It worked. Totally fine. Had everything I needed But it was a samsung running on Windows and when my bank switched to sending the Klan out via app that only work with Android I needed the new phone. I’m still salty about that k-cups Exceptionally weak coffee incredibly exaggerated packaging hard on the landfill’s equipment costs are double if not triple conventional coffee makers and potentially harmful buildup of bacteria in the machines Cake ups are a novelty that really turned mainstream and should go back to being in a museum Before everyone down votes me to hell. I’m not sending the police in for your cake ups I just think a lot of people should rethink these little gems Even the inventor regrets it. I thought I read that somewhere If I remember correctly the intent behind k-cups were to give people at home and easy asterisko occasional to risk espresso experience Cruises they are devastating for the planet release massive amounts of co2 Make the waters in port cities filthy and often. It’s the adjacent beaches that cruise goes are there to see? more controversially They actually obliterate local businesses and economies To cater to massive influxes of tourists on shore excursions while locals lose their services and culture where I live Barcelona the historic core has lost its historic bakeries artisans book shops etc for a thousand souvineer dumps selling selfie sticks and Lame beer joke shirts That’s sad as s tourist hates souvineer shops. I’d much rather look at local shops that sell things I can’t get at home or Amazon Aren’t up vote enough. I hate souvenir shops. They offer nothing of true culture We generally tend to avoid tourist areas a lot when we go somewhere. I want local flavor Pugs and other smashed face dog breeds if you already own one, of course carry on loving your pet. They deserve all the love But I wish people would stop breeding them. They have chronic respiratory Issues and never get to take a comfortable deep breath in their life unless medically assisted One of the saddest things I’ve seen on redditors when veterinarians talk about treating dogs They like to give the dogs extra time on the respirators Because it’s the only time they will ever get to breathe easily. I had no clue That’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard. There’s a few breeds of cats with issues similar to what dogs bred for looks tougher Scottish folds have floppy is caused by bone developments issues that affect the whole body and make their lives pretty painful flat faced caps have the same issues as their dog counterparts, but since most have overly long fur They can barely groom themselves and whatever hair they swallow they can’t throw back up as hair balls So it has to go through their digestive system It’s quite an experience watching the owner of a flat faced cat called long hairs out of the cat’s butt Breeding for looks in general is awful Not just for small dogs either sloped back German shepherds Rhodes The enricher backs with weak points in their spines corgis org is with the shortest legs possible It’s everywhere. One of my co-workers got a Great Dane puppy with a rare color and spots only now. It’s 120 pounds and unpredictably aggressive as far as he can tell most of the litter has those rare colors and problems helium balloons It’s a limited resource and we’re running low While true my understanding is that more recently most balloon gas is low percentage helium often wastes from medical or industrial Processes it should probably still be stored and reprocessed. But that’s true of how many other things It had just as likely get vented. Otherwise, I still don’t buy it It’s rather pointless and just lets balloons travel far out to sea before bursting and falling into the ocean Men, but we’ll need that for the military blimps. It’ll happen any century now Fast food I think a big issue around fast food though is its convenience factor? Americans work on average around forty five hours a week or nine hours per day Unless you just go straight home cook a meal prep every day It’s difficult to balance the time needed. I cook most of my meals for example But I work ten to seven go to the gym after 3x a week. And so most nights. I’m eating at 9:00 p.m Then comes the cleaning up Sometimes I just grab fast food on the way home instead like once a week Because it means I then have more time to relax and enjoy my evening I’m Super fortunate to be able to fit in all of that stuff Really and I can afford to meal prep if I wanted, but I don’t enjoy it now for a single head household who is maybe working 60 hours a week to make ends meet the time to cook is Essentially non-existent and meal prep services are often pretty fast food is the fuel source of the working poor These people also often don’t have health insurance and only wait for an emergency to see a doctor at the ER Making health care costs for all of us go up. It’s a loop is raising the minimum wage going to fix that I’m very doubtful. Tbh But what we could and absolutely should do is focus on reducing the costs of health care and higher education So that people are less likely to get stuck in this loop and can maybe afford the time and luxury of cooking dish soap buy one of those dawn foam soap things buy the cheapest biggest bottle of knock off dawn you can find Fill the foaming bottle with a 1/4 inch of knockoff thorn slowly fill the rest with water Twist lid shake to mix Enjoy the next year or two without having to buy dish soap. I’ve had mine foam dispenser for three or four years now I’ve bought soap twice in that time and it was from walnut. I know this isn’t a major savings but every bit helps plus screw dawn for lying by saying on the dispenser that other soaps will not phone by our Overpriced soap water refills Dan’s dead. Honestly there needs to be a dent put in the cell phone market Electronics market and computer hardware market, most of your elect ronics are profits of overworked underpaid employees Who are typically elementary school age to adult age? it’s tricky to solve because the reason why some of your devices cost as cheap as they do is Because of how little they make and if they produced product at a rate that would warrant a 40-hour Work Week with a livable wage your fancy cell phone would absolutely skyrocket in price however If we just accept that a new product coming out is going to have limited stock and high prices at the cost of someone being Well fed and a company being properly regulated then year waiting a month to a year for the new iPhone doesn’t sound bad IMHO it’s our fault that worker abuse happens overseas Like think about it when a company sells units in the millions or makes billions in profit over a single device How do you think they can even keep up with that kind of demand and expect to properly treat workers? we need to re-evaluate our Priorities as much as companies our demand for these items and fevered behavior when we don’t get them is why they pretty much do it Yes being said from my custom-made desktop computer. However, I don’t upgrade for literally years at a time Plastic surgery, I feel like it is becoming too normalized I can understand if you have a true deformity or something that impacts your health That I hate to think of all those people getting lip injections and got lifts and such just because they think it will fix them also, stop buying into social media bottled water It has become such a common occurrence that when I was explaining eco footprints to an acquaintance a few weeks ago He didn’t understand he couldn’t wrap his mind around not buying water from the store bike He said something along the lines of well How am I supposed to drink water when I go for a drive or when I’m traveling? I? Informed him that reusable water bottles exist for a reason It had never occurred to him to fill up a sports bottle with tap water and take that with him Internet connected appliances You guys are all morons, so willing to part with your money so easily Whirlpool certified tech here. We all kind of chuckle at you when we charge $200 to give your fridge or washer a firmware update because it stopped texting you the water temperature of your laundry load But it’s great. I’ll absolutely take your money all day If you are so ready to part with it, the buzzer on your dryer has worked fine for 50 years It does not need to text you when it’s done But again guy, I’ll gladly take your money Sorry for the name-calling but seriously stop doing this Even manufacturers are tweeting from it because it’s dumb you want your appliances to be as mechanical as possible with fewer options That you never use other than demo mode in the store. Maybe the first week of owning after that Nope, and fewer parts to go bad Stop this moronic madness. You’re only hurting yourself through some dumb keeping up with the Joneses bullcrap My job is to take money from you for fixing your appliances And I’m telling you ways that I do not want your money. Does that make any sense to you, please? Listen to me. This advice is free Paying to pet animals like tigers elephants, etc. Mostly in third-world countries Also buying birds in small cages, etc You think you’re doing something good, but most of the time you’re making worse. These animals are most likely being mistreated Abused and you’re contributing to it by giving them money. Yes, that bird looks like it’s suffering in its cage That is barely bigger than itself But if you buy it, they will just get another bird that elephant you rode probably didn’t enjoy it. Maybe the out of it So that tourists can pay to take a ride on it. Don’t contribute to it. Don’t pay for it and hopefully it will stop Backyard pools I’ve worked in a pool supply store for the last two summers and I have to say that in my opinion Backyard pools both above-ground and in ground are a waste above-ground pools and We aren’t taking those inflatable Intex pools run three to ten thousand and in-ground pools could be anything from thirty to seventy Thousand so some people are spending more on a pool than they would on a car and on top of that They are a payments to maintain I often see people come in and spend a few hundred dollars ever time They come to store and that’s just four chemicals that doesn’t account for your pump or you filter breaking and needing to be fixed Plus the pool also drives up people’s property taxes, too often I see people trying to get chemicals or parts for a pools that they can’t afford and shouldn’t have gotten folks Your money is better spent on memberships to a community pool or Swim Club Video games before they are playable Pre-ordering got started back in the early days of gaming as a way to reserve your physical copy of a game Because physical copies are a limited supply but since the advent of digital distribution Especially on PC shortages are no longer a thing these days Pre-ordering is nothing but a marketing scam to get you to pay money for something with no prior knowledge of its quality or value It’s just a means for big publishers to produce a terrible quality product and still make a profit Process meat this includes hotdogs jerky pepperoni sticks sandwich meat spam and anything else shelf-stable All processed meat are a class 1 carcinogen meaning there is direct evidence of causing cancer in humans Red meat is a class 2 carcinogen. So also that other reasons for the need to stop purchasing These foods are the ethical and environmental implications of the mass raising of cattle and terrestrial animals Pets if you buy pets from a breeder, you are creating a demand and economic incentive for them to breed more animals There are millions of pets without owners. They are killed every day It isn’t right to intentionally bring more pets into the world just because you need to have them look a certain way When an animal’s DNA is manipulated by breeders It’s being modified from the plan created by evolution to keep the dog healthy Every single pure breed has genetic defects that cause them unnecessary suffering Yes, even your favorite one. You probably know if you’ve taken it to the vet Don’t let social media rule your life. You don’t need a pet That looks exactly like someone else’s You don’t open up a dating app and order a person by their skin color eye color height and temperament It’s a concept from step one it’s animal eugenics and Just like in human eugenics the ones who don’t meet some arbitrary standard of beauty are treated as living garbage bad board games buying a game just because it’s from a show you like or popular or looks cool is an easy way to clutter up your house and lose a ton of money and Completely ruin your enjoyment of games Whether you’re buying them for yourselves or for kids buy games were simple fair easy to learn rules and lots of replay value Instead of teaching your kids tic-tac-toe get them quarto and then tack instead of risk play Ticket to Ride instead of Scrabble azul coffee The only reason people need coffee is because they drink it this tells the body Hey, you know what? Don’t release so much cortisol The thing that wakes you up we are gonna get caffeine But if you just stop the body will start producing as much cortisol to wake you up again because it knows it won’t get any Caffeine and it’s so damn expensive, especially Starbucks Anything from China Seriously political leaning aside if you really want it to support change in China then stop buying Chinese made products Same thing goes if you want to do more than just to bring awareness to the sweatshops and slave-like conditions Many people have to work in every day for barely enough money for food. If you are unsure about something just ask Where was this made? Bottled water not only is the water literally sourced from the same sources tap water But the plastic bottles are over running local and foreign landfills Finding their way into the ocean and obviously don’t biodegrade Just drink tap water Folks it’s the same water Edit obviously if your water is actually harmful for you to drink like Flint’s or you’re on a boil order or in a third world Country where it’s not physically safe to drink used bottled if you have to but for most of us we drink bottled water Becuase we somehow think these companies have some magical water source. That’s better than everything else They haven’t they are literally making money off stuff You get out of your tap for a fraction of the cost or free of you personally on paying a water bill You

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