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– Oh my God. (clapping and instrumental music) – We’re getting acupuncture today. – Acupuncture. – Acupuncture is based on energy and it’s based on harmonizing
the energy of the body. I will be putting acupuncture needles and acupuncture points to help harmonize the body and
bring balance to the system. – I’m very nervous when
it comes to needles. So this’ll be a good
day to conquer my fear. – But he’s not nervous when it comes to being shirtless. – (laughs) What a zinger! – It’s not gonna like make me react weird or anything is it? I’m not gonna. – (laughs) What do you
thinks gonna happen? – Just afraid I’ll fart or something. (relaxing piano music) – So Imma feel your pulse now. And that’s one of the diagnostic tools is feeling the pulse and
looking at the tongue. – [Voiceover] What does
looking at the tongue tell you? – The tongue is one of the only muscles that you can see outside the body. So when you look at the
tongue it can tell you what’s happening inside. – Oh OK. – Oh do you stick them in my head? Oh my God. Is there one in right now? – [Acupuncturist] Yeah. (relaxing piano music) – Ryan what does it look like? – Ah! You have an antenna on your head. – Oh my God. What is my life? – It’s weird like you
feel a little something but it definitely doesn’t hurt. – Felt that a little bit. Oh my God. (laughs) – Oh my God you’re gonna stick one there. Fuck me. – And how many needles will you use on me? – Usually I don’t put
in more than 20 or 30. (relaxing piano music) (plucky guitar music) – Felt quite good. I relaxed. (laughs) – I feel really relaxed. I don’t know if it’s
just the placebo effect but I feel very in my body. – I feel very like chill. I don’t think I’m like on
the cloud nine that he is. – I feel pretty sleepy. But like in a good way
not like a tired way. – I could see myself
going and doing it again depending on the benefits that I feel. – Let’s see how I sleep
tonight. I’ll let you know. – I think Ryan’s just sad that he had to do this post interview with a shirt on. Like I think that’s
the only like (laughs). – Here it comes. That train is never late. Always on time. (plucky instrumental music)


  1. So I drove around power lines to see of I could get relief w/o the acupuncture. This made me elude to realization that since power lines are EVERYWHERE the acupuncturist has ZERO responsibility on treatment….can you say witch doctor?

  2. Typically i will watch ads for channels that i really like… there was a 1 minute long ford commercial….

  3. Guys they aren’t needles. My brother had Lyme and I had to go with him every time and they weren’t actually needles. The doctors explained. So don’t be scared! They are pretty much wires.

  4. Oi I think the woman liked Ryan cos in 2:07 she like stroked his back and then smirked at him😂

  5. I did this and in the middle of screaming this is what I sounded like ahahhahahahahahahahblaf_____________________

  6. Acupuncture is great , it can be used to ease muscle pain , vomiting, eating disorders, the list god on !

  7. Oooh, wow, I don't have a FEAR of needles, but that opening shot made me very uncomfortable. HERE WE GO!

  8. UTK far infrared heating pads combine with far infrared rays,negative ions and natural stones which gives good solutions especially for senior chronic pain,neck and back pains.

  9. uh? this has to be fake. I had less needles than that to treat my condition. Go to a chinese person who actually practices from the ancient text from 100 bc.

  10. i love how even though daysha has the chance to tease ryan about his needle phobia but instead she draws the attention to him being shirtless so that hes not embarrassed. Daysha is the real mvp <3

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