People Try Cold Laser Therapy

– So we’re doing like,
essentially like brain surgery without cutting you open. – Well, thank you. (Darrick laughs) Appreciate that part. (upbeat music) – My name is Destinee. – My name’s Hitomi. – And today I’m here to
get cold laser therapy. – My name is Dr. Darrick Sahara, welcome to the Sahara Clinic. I specialize in something
called Applied Kinesiology. With that specialty,
we’re able to use a lot of different modalities such
as low-level cold laser therapy to help facilitate anybody’s healing no matter what the problem is. First, we like to take a health history, it’s by law, it’s important. We wanna know everything about the patient before we start treatment. What can you not do well? What does it limit you? – So usually, this is my good knee. – Flexion, okay. – And then this one, literally,
this is how far it goes. – Oh wow, okay. – And then, this is how far it goes. I had surgery on my
wrist almost 10 years ago and it’s always been hard
kinda adjusting back to daily things that you don’t realize like randomly doing a push-up, or even when you have to
rest your hand on anything, it kinda just gives that
tightness in the wrist. – Give me like a scale between zero to 10, 10 being like incredible
pain, zero being no pain. – If I do a real push-up, I
would say it’s like a seven. So already, it’s a
three right here, but… That’s one, and that’s, like mmm, five. – Five, okay, five out of 10. – But the longer I hold it, it’s just like a slow pain coming in. – So I was a college athlete and I had four knee surgeries
before my 23rd birthday. So I’m praying for a miracle. My knees ache when I get
up, my knees ache when I get in the shower, my knees
ache if it’s gonna rain. I try to go to the gym,
but imagine running with two bum knees, it doesn’t work out. – Is it like left side more
swollen than the right? – Yeah, definitely, and I
have terrible range of motion. – And is it localized or does it go down, travel down to the foot,
go up to the groin? – No, it’s pretty much
localized to my knee, yeah. – So we’re gonna give you indigo glasses. – Ooh, hello. – And this is to bend the laser light to a very specific
frequency for her problem. Put these on. So we’re gonna punch in some
numbers here to fix the brain. So we’re gonna do some cool
functional neurology, basically. (dramatic music) – And what I’m lasering right
now is her cerebral cortex. And the cerebral cortex is responsible for making a patient know there’s pain. – Am I supposed to feel it now? – You could. – Yes. – You feel? – I feel like something
on the bottom of my foot. – Wow. Some people feel things, some people actually taste things, some people smell things. – This feels so weird! – Wow, 90% of population,
however, don’t feel a thing. – I definitely feel something
on the bottom of my foot. – Bring your hand up, I
wanna laser the incision. So we’re lasering the area
where she had surgery. These are different
frequencies I’m punching in for different areas of the body that I wanna stimulate and fix. So we’re gonna laser her hypothalamus. Low-level laser, how it works is there’s a radiation device in the machine that stimulates photons, or atoms, and excites ’em, and then it shoots out a coherent light beam and it hits the area of where we’re trying to
help facilitate healing, and it helps vitalize that area. It will actually lower inflammation, it would also actually decrease pain. We use it on a lot of athletes. – I don’t know how to explain it, ’cause it’s not painful,
but it’s like pressure. – Relax this whole foot, there you go. And then bring this up, push up. Relax. (thudding) Push up hard, that’s nice and strong. And relax, there we go. Go walk around and see how you feel. – Oh, light as a feather! – Good. – This is incredible! – Yeah? – Whoa! I was very skeptical going into this. I was like, meh, is some
laser supposed to help what four years of surgery hasn’t? Yeah, sure, okay. And I was shook, like, legitimately shook. Then I started walking and I was like, “I don’t feel anything.” And I was like, “Wait a
minute, I don’t feel anything!” Thank you! Can I give you a hug? – You’re welcome! You
know, that’s what we do. – Oh, thank you so much. This is incredible, wow! – Just show the range, let’s see. – Yeah. – A little bit more, I
think you got more flexion. – It’s definitely more. Oh yeah, that’s a lot more. – Yeah. – Whoa, that’s crazy. – That’s pretty crazy, huh? – Yeah. (upbeat music) – So after you do the
push-up, give me a number. – Uh, like a four. – Four? Okay. – My experience was pretty cool. My range of motion is great. I couldn’t even bend this,
like at a 45 degree angle, and even going back, it goes really far, so I feel like my wrist is a new wrist! It’s pretty insane how
much more I can bend down. – That’s cool. Ideally, I would probably see you within maybe the next week to reevaluate all the range of motions,
and then continue treatment. – So by the third one, I should be… – Like pain-free, yeah, ideally. – Wow. – Between two and four,
I would say, usually. – I would definitely wanna
look into cold laser therapy a little bit more, just
’cause I wanna know, if it caused that much of a difference, it’s insane what one treatment could do. – I’m the type of person,
when I see an infomercial, I’m like, “Yeah, okay,
click, click, click.” But this actually works,
and so I’m kind of gonna have to commit to doing it again. (upbeat music)



    A study shows that LLLT does in fact help relieve pain, but states the lack of evidence to support its effects. They do however compare the treatment to a placebo, and LLLT received better pain results.

  2. So they have to work somewhat right? Since doctors by law would have to tell you if they are using a placebo?…

  3. You already sense the scam miles away but then the guy trows in a random cartoon sentence that nearly acts as a proof of bs:” we’re gonna fix the brain” lmao who says that. For all we know that’s just a coloured random light beam that does nothing. If this is a scam it not even a brilliant scam. It’s too easy to suspect. The relief they feel is just the chiropractic adjustment he performs. Feeling light life a feather is because you spend long minutes laying down on your back with all your weight. Try it at home. Lay down for 40 minutes without sleeping then stand up and walk lol you’ll see you’re light. If he wanted the guy could charge thousands instead of hundreds for what appears to be a massive scam.

  4. I've had many people work on my elbow and shoulder for tendinitis. I've had ultrasound, a cortisone shot, chiropractor care, ice and rolling a needle on the spots, as well as this cold laser therapy. I know cortisone has worked with some people but did not work with me. I had these lasers on me and lol I felt like an idiot, sitting for a session with some blinking lights moving over my arm and shoulder. It did nothing. What worked for me was chiropractic care with heat or ice. Definitely not lasers

  5. If this guy did the laser therapy alone, then these ladies would understand they got jipped. However, with the chiropractic care thrown in, of course they're going to feel at least a little bit better, biasing their opinions about this therapy

  6. These people have nothing on my mom, she was in an accident and broke 2 bones in one arm, and her wrist, 5 bones on both legs in total, and had to get brain surgery, and she can run 23 year after the incident, and 3 years ago fell down the stairs and broke he ankle, so these people are nothing

  7. Btw it bull because he said 3:20 and btw photons and atom are not the same thing and your saying that you can excite them which even the very premise makes no sense

    You know what I bet that if someone who really didn’t believe in it and didn’t want to believe In it went in there it wouldn’t work

  8. “Check the hair, the barcode might be there” but sir its her hair “JUST CHECK IT” SIR YOU WERE CORRECT I FOUND IT, but we also found it on the chin, legs, and arms, which one shall we scan? “Uhhh, all of them” but sir- “JUST DO IT BOB”

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  10. This works. And for folks who think this is a scam or a placebo, then just read the various randomized, double blind, placebo controlled studies published in peer reviewed medical journals. You can always google Photobiomodulation and NCBI to see the research. NCBI = National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine.

  11. I went to a chiropractor once and he bent my body in ways I didn't know were physically possible… I never went back

  12. Either this guy did an awful job at explaining how this works or it was edited out. If you connect to a VPN and go look into German and Eastern Euorpean studies on the 635nm wavelength you'll see there is actually solid clinical evidence of what cold lasers can do. Pain management I've found it's mediocre at, but treating chronic illness it does a solid job depending on the condition. They have also been used to treat lifelong allergies or severe reactions to chemicals, pathogens, or foods.

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  15. For all the people down here calling this a scam or a placebo, imma ask you this, have you looked this up/ researched this? If you do some digging into this, cold laser therapy does actually help alleviate some pain. It’s not like it’s completely curing what they have, no, it’s just slowly helping to alleviate pain. Plus if this was a scam or a placebo effect, then I’m quite sure a lot of articles would be talking about that, but instead, articles talk about the pain relieving effects of cold laser therapy.

  16. Yes, cold laser therapy can help the people relieve the acute & chronic pain sooner, easy to use, people can use the laser at home, reduce much money for visit doctors. This is the best laser for home use.

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