1. Serious side effects are only caused by the abuse of several steroids at high doses. Things like balls shrinking is just temporary. There is a lot more going on than "steroids are bad, you are a cheater".

  2. Everyone in the tour de france was cheating. They tried to give his medals to the next guy, who said "Oh, I was doing that too…" so they went to the next guy and he said "Guys, we were all doing that… keep your fucking medals"

  3. Steroids get a bad rap simply because we don't have very conclusive information about taking them. there have been literally NO studies done showing long term negative side effects when used in the recommended way. We have only found negative long term side effects when steroids are abused up to this point, and negative public perception also comes from the fact that they are illegal to use in most competition rather than them causing negative effects in and of themselves.

  4. I heard about 20 yrs ago (got out in 2002) some members of the Marine Corps shooting team tested positive for opiates. Don't know if it's true or not.

  5. I'm a supporter of mandatory steroid use for professional sports. The only reason we have professional sports is for the viewers, and the entertainment quality will be so much higher if everyone was on steroids.

  6. Not quite fair to suggest that no studies find a supplement to be beneficial. It needs to be evaluated in the same scenario that the dopers are using. Whilst conducting research into steroids I found that many old studies said that anabolic steroids had no effect. This was because they had to use such low doses to pass ethics boards and didn't reflect actual doping amounts.

  7. So all of our anti's producing purposes being manufactured, is the main reason for our despair, Kool

  8. If you have more red blood cells, how do you get more oxygen? Do you not absorb as much oxygen as I thought?

  9. Of course testosterone does the opposite of making you unable to have sex. You have/want it CONSTANTLY. As far as sex drive goes, testosterone essentially turns you into a junior high school boy. You used to pull your girlfriend's hair three or four times a week?

    Now it's six times a day and it won't stop until you stop taking it. Then you go back to normal and your girl can't decide whether she's glad or not 😉

  10. This is stubid topic. i hate when some one say i used steroids because i have big muscles. but only thing i have done is 7years of hard training

  11. am i the only one who thinks they should let the athletes do as much drugs as they want. as long as everybodys doing them it would be fair. also it would be a 1000x better to watch if everybody was a freaky super human that could run faster and throw further than any normal person. buuut thats just me

  12. I would like to know how to naturally make my body, or more specifically my blood, naturally more efficient at storing oxygen.

  13. BS drugs dont casually increase your performance by a small margin… that is one of hte most stupid things i have heard…. they are way more effective then this video says.. do you think atheltes want to risk loosing medals and health for 10 20 % increase?

  14. igf1 actually works very well so I'm not sure where u guys got ur info on that one. but I do like n follow ur channel 🙂

  15. screw it let them turn themselves into guinea pigs. Would be more entertaining seeing them jump 30 feet into the air anyway.

  16. Oh great the morality of PED's just explain what it is and move on.. more times than not is who's got the hand in the kitty and who's making money in the back half sports. it was determining what's legal and what's not I who is making the money. A fine example was the UCI with Armstrong I didn't care he could be quit making them all the money and expanding the sport probably 24 from when he started so I'll take all lot of stocking of them

  17. there is a way to naturally increase red blood cell count, there is a way to naturally increase red blood cell count. they can take up the years to get to that position but you can also keep it for several months.

  18. Finland was the Best sport country In the world, then doping Came, and finland started losing. Hmmmm… Wonder why….

  19. You can tell who was using the Growth Hormone cuz they look like Ninja Turtles, having a specifically big belly although with muscles, it really looks like the shell of mentioned turtles.

  20. This guy doesn't understand the reality of high level pro sports. Everyone is doping! That's what you have to do to compete. If you don't use, then your spot will get taken by someone who does. Sadly, there's a difference in sports between doping and cheating. Lance Armstrong is a good example.

  21. Mostly accurate, but they are missing the mark on some of the facts. Ex: infertility pretty much only occurs if you stay on cycle for decades without either supplementing PCT hormones like HCG. Another example is sex drive is definitely enhanced on testosterone and is frequently used to cure impotence so long as it's administered correctly. Most general doctors don't know their head from their ass with hormones so specialized clinics is the best route.

  22. Hey I have a question, so my mom was telling me that my aunt took progesterone while pregnant with my cousin and that's why he's really smart. However, I am skeptical because progesterone is also the hormone used in my Mirena birth control. How does that work out? Is what my mom was saying really true can that hormone really make kids smarter too? I know progesterone is a naturally occurring hormone but is it because of the different levels of it that make different effects?

  23. I take Epogen because of renal failure, life sucks when you can't walk a block without running out of breath because of low hemoglobin.

  24. If you don't know the effects of the steroids you are using then you may experience a problem in the pants. However, if you do know what you are doing, you will get QUITE THE LIBIDO BOOST! Guys should try that for ED instead of whatever pills. You'll get way more out of it. That is of course if you aren't trying to have kids at the time cause you won't be able to, but you certainly can put in all of the required work and some.

  25. How do I get better at ____? Through more vigorous and rigorous training and perhaps more studying on ways to be better? ILL CHEAT INSTEAD

  26. Lol too much knowledge from this geek yet not the right information on steroids obiously talking about sports and it’s anabolics from a skinny guy is as stupid as a fat guy talking about going on a diet like if it will ever happen

  27. Taking GABA allegedly stimulates your body to produce it's own HGH. I tried taking it for a while when I was a student. GABA can help you sleep but I have no evidence it increases lean mass. But I am very lean anyway so who knows.

  28. I took medical steroids for bronchitis and I was hyper aggressive and attacked my parents because I was angry with them I got help though.

  29. The negative effects of steroids are always made out like they ate DEFINITELY going to happen to you on a cycle…..wrong, love this channel, and I know you can't be like "oh steroids are brilliant" but they arnt as bad as every one likes to make out

  30. Living or having a training session on Highlands is also Blood doping
    It gives you more red blood cell, which is same with blood doping

  31. What's with all the anti-scientific preaching? I think highlighting the risks is useful… but this seems to take the line "if you do this terrible things will happen" with the implication (bcause it is wrong).

  32. YOU STUFFED UP MATE!! AT 6:22 YOU SAID "20 TIMES MORE OXYGEN" WHEN ON THE SCREEN IT WAS WRITTEN "20% MORE OXYGEN"!!! If it is 20 times more oxygen, then it would be the equivalent to 2000% more oxygen as compared to what was written on the screen as 20% more oxygen! A HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE DIFFERENCE my friend. I suggest that you do a video to retract what you said here, or take this video down, and then redo it please, before somebody overdoses on EPO.

  33. you should have mentioned that anabol steroids don't have any positive effect if you're not exercising like madman while using them. so a fat couchpotato whose longest walk is the way from the tv to the WC won't benefit in any way from the use and abuse of such drugs.

  34. This little prick is giving alot of bad info on anabolics. So the people prescribed test for TRT and suffer no sidr effects are what? Anomalies to the side effects? No, only serious anabolic users suffer. When taken properly testosterone is the most amazing substance

  35. Mind enhancing would be enough for me 🙂 – body would be nice, but over all? Smart drugs over body enhancing drugs!

  36. They need to be illegal. People are quick to boast about IQ scores, and assert that it predicts everything in life, but then have the audacity to pop Adderall and Ritalin. Meanwhile, many people rely on natural emotional strengths to get themselves in school, actually behaving intelligently.


  38. Very difficult to monitor all the drugs out there in competition. If you take a highly competent athlete and give him a slight edge with a drug, he/she becomes a fearless machine. Sure, there are dangerous side-effects down the road but they will deal with the cancer and shrinking testicles, impotence, low fertility, mental retardation after they put their trophy in the glass cabinet and their names in the record books. But, they stripped Lance Armstrong of his achievements after the fact. Must be hard to resist a substance that can make you feel immortal and move you to the top. Glad I am not in that position. Look at Lyle Alzado, undersized lineman, ferocious and even performed admirably in a non-title fight against The Greatest (no drugs) Mohammed Ali. We all have these substances and receptors in our bodies already but these additions really enliven them.

  39. In what world does achieving faster sprinting times on a bicycle, equate to no improvement in athletic performance or general fitness? In that context alone it in fact equates to a 4% increase in athletic performance which in the world of elite athletic competition such as, racing on a bicycle, 4% can not only be the difference between winning and losing but it can also represent a very significant difference in monetary compensation. Exponentially greater than 4%. Just saying.

  40. I hate powerful mind Altering sedatives. Your not given higher stats because you take performance enhancing drugs. I wish I can get in my parents faces. I get what I want without medication. I want to know about mega millions.

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