Peripheral Neuropathy treated with Regenerative Medicine

hi my name is dr. Ross Hauser medical director of carrying medical regenerative medicine clinics I'm here with a wonderful client of ours nancy von Maur who I've known for many many years and I've sort of been your body mechanic over the years putting together various body parts and you're a very good example though you know being 84 and you're still really active so there isn't an age limit in regard to Prolotherapy and Prolotherapy helping a person stay active but over the course of the last year or so year or two years you talk to me about some kind of distressing symptoms you were getting in your feet or your toes could you explain that I'll try that lasted for maybe a year and a half or more I noticed it was tingling semi n'aime numbness in my toes but only only in the area from about a third of the foot to the front not the entire foot just a numbness and sort of a dead zone you might say and the fact that I couldn't curl my toes under like I would like to so if a runner you want to pick up a the handkerchief or something from the floor I couldn't do it because my toes were constricted they were sort of stiff but it I didn't have it it wasn't great pain it didn't bother me walking but I was fearful that it would advance and become more difficult and that's when we ordered that electrical test that was called an EMG nerve conduction study was showed that you absolutely had peripheral neuropathy exactly and I was very grateful for that because I had been treated by a physician before he just said all I needed was a vitamins well it wasn't doing the trick and so we did the EMG I did that at my home in Iowa and sent the results to dr. Howser and he decided to put me on some hormones which he did and I experienced tremendous energy from that and I think it probably has something to do because of the synergistic effect of all this stuff and something to do with alleviating the pain in my toes in he Pia treated it here in this office was something that had to do with treating the nerves and a needle and so forth it was rather painful and I didn't mind doing it he said I may have to have three treatments but after waiting a month or so from the initial treatment treating the nerve I noticed a tremendous alleviation of the the problem that I had that sort of sent my numbing uncomfortable deadzone in my toes that I was elated and basically went away yeah it's gone a little bit left yeah but so in summary really you just had one treatment of nerve release that's what it meant the three you say we had one treatment of nerve release where we did put some PRP around the nerves and then I release the nerves that go to your toes and your foot then we got you on some hormones your hormone levels were low yeah and they and then I gave you some exercises right so the describe the exercise the exercises that that I did that he recommended who were some soft cotton balls immerse your feet in there and wiggle your toes around another one was popcorn you know a couple bags of popcorn in a container deep enough that your toes could be immersed in it and get some action another thing was I bought a little machine I don't know what it's called when you come in hot and cold yes and vibration vibration with the feet you put the feet on this little machine and it vibrates back and forth but it's this action in your feet and then you can put it has infrared deal on it if you care to you can put that on and use that I tried to use that oh you know a couple times a day so so in summary the combination of helping your physiology to you doing exercises to get the nerves to regenerate and three us doing nerve release and putting cells on the nerves to get the nerves to heal basically was successful and this all occurred over like a one month to six month process so it wasn't it wasn't expensive it worked really quickly and it got you your you know so peripheral neuropathy is absolutely reversible so I'd really encourage people that if you have peripheral neuropathy you know please get please get it addressed and carrying medical regenerative medicine clinics over the course the last 26 years has developed a program to reverse peripheral neuropathy so thank you so much I forgot to mention one thing in the regenerative thing is the hot and cold ice cubes in a container but you're feeding ice cubes so you can't stand it and then take them out and put them in really hot water and I yeah so she so the sense is on the skin so one of the things we do is peripheral neuropathy exercises so you know I have to try to get the last word but you sounds like giving advice but anyway but there the skin has by sensations hot cold soft touch sharp touch vibration so peripheral neuropathy exercises are to to try to stimulate the skin with cold soft touch which is the con balls sharp touch which is the popcorn and then vibration and so you've been very compliant and you we obviously got to use someone early so that's another thing when you people come when you're just starting to get the symptoms it's easy to reverse it if you wait long it's gonna it's gonna be a much longer process you know won't be just one visit of nerve release or nerve regeneration so probably three four five six visits but believe me I'm ecstatic because it was making me very concerned I could see myself because I'm close to Elm almost 85 I could see myself maybe having sensation in my feet and and then having to use a cane mirror balance yeah for balance balance would be better would have the feeling in Becky exhibit maybe eventually in a wheelchair and I plan to live to be old I want to be vibrant to the end and I'm tickled to death that dr. Houser was able to figure out what combination we had to do including the hormones and to restore this situation and frankly I I was shocked that it was working so quickly and I was dreading those nerve I know so she came today to get some more nerve release but we decided she doesn't need it so I'm just a great case just a great case again a successful case of regenerative mothers no it's wonderful for people to know that they can get help with neuropathy because there's so many articles and newspapers and so forth all of these things you can try and I hear from other people that they has not been successful and so this is a really a banner for me thank you thank you

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