Personalized Midwife Care at UC San Diego Health

Hi, my name is Erica Vu Hill and I’m a
midwife here at UC San Diego Health. So a certified nurse midwife
is a advanced practice nurse who has a specialization in midwifery so our
training is we’re all nurses we have a Bachelors of Science in Nursing along
with a master’s degree in nursing and we focus mainly on pregnancy and childbirth
but we also do the whole spectrum of life for all women. The thing I love most
about being a midwife is just being able to walk the woman through this journey
into motherhood and just to see how it’s gonna change their lives, their families
lives and the smile that they have on their faces when they get to finally
hold that baby they’ve been caring for ten months
finally in their arms. One unique thing about midwifery that I want everybody to
know is that midwives can help support women all women who are low-risk in
any sort of vaginal birth.Some women want to deliver in our birthing center,
some women want to deliver with an epidural, some women want to deliver
after a previous cesarean section. We came here for a lot of different women
as long as you have the desire for a vaginal birth we’re here to support you. So one special thing about UC San Diego Health is we have are so many options
here we have our midwife practice there’s 15 of us we have the ability to
have women deliver in our amazing birth center as well as labor and delivery and
then we also have our support system around us if any sort of complications
arise during the rest of the pregnancy so we’re very special to be able to have
low risk as well as a support for any sort of high-risk complications in the
future here

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