Pharmaceutical Applications for X-ray Inspection

Hi I’m Rich Cisek. In today’s session
of Quick Tips with Rich, we’re going to talk about pharmaceutical applications.
These can be challenging not only because of the pharma certification
process but the very demanding nature of the inspection process itself and this
is where our high-resolution x-ray systems come in to their full power
because in today’s systems in a pouch like this, you might be able to find
around point four-millimeter metal. With our high-resolution systems, you’re
looking at a point one to point two millimeter range with an astounding low
false reject rate. Now that can make a big difference either from a actual
foreign material standpoint where you don’t want someone ingesting or having
that injected into their body or simply from a chemical interaction point where
you don’t want chemical interactions happening with any type of foreign
material in the product. This is a huge breakthrough. The other thing that we’ll
be showing at some point is our new seal inspection system. So when you have a
product that looks good but it leaks, you can find it without shipping it. To learn
more click on the link.

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