Pharmaceutical Care in Digital Revolution – the Trailer

Imagine if a patients smartwatch could timely alert adverse events of drugs and enable fast intervention. If only we could have more time for human pharmaceutical care. Imagine if we could save billions caused by inadequate drug use. There is light on the horizon. Digital health technology offers a wealth of opportunities to support both patients and pharmacists to move to circular pharmaceutical care. That is the big why behind the book Pharmaceutical Care in Digital Revolution. Seven key experts made this fascinating insight, that offers you reasons why the pharmaceutical care model will change, which technologies accelerate this change and what are requirements to succeed. Learn for example about AI, blockchain and digital therapeutics in pharma care. But also, on compliance, ethics, education and what to do today, to be prepared for the day after tomorrow. A must-read for pharmacists and other stakeholders, who drive digital innovation and together build the future of apothecary intelligence.

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