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At The Law Offices of Sean Cleary,
when we represent clients who’ve been involved in an incident involving a defective
pharmaceutical drug what we do first of all is
we get a history, the person’s medical history and also the history of their
usage of that particular drug. And so, what we do is we
gather information from the client after meeting with him or her, discussing with them how
long they took the drug for. Specifically what purpose
they took the drug for, or in other words, what
reason or reasons did the doctor prescribe
that medication to the person. And then we actually get copies of those
medical records and compare them, to find out what is the reason
that the drug was recommended, and what was the client’s understanding
of what the drug was being used for. Then, obviously, we ask the clients to give us the actual prescription
bottles that they have, because that’s the best evidence of
the drug that they actually were taking. Sometimes we may
need to test that drug. In addition we get
the pharmacy records, the proof that shows that
they went to the pharmacy and picked up that
medication themselves, paid for it and then took it
home, and actually took it. Then what we obtain from them
is, obviously, a medical history. Both before what
happened in the incident, as well as what’s
happened to them since, after they’ve gotten
an injury of some kind following the use of that product. Then what we do is we start
to gather evidence and information, and we do this with
other products as well. We gather information around
the country as to what is happened or what has happened
with this type of drug. What has happened
with this type of product? Has it caused injuries
to other people? And so, we have access to information
from the Federal Government, whether it be the FDA, The Food and Drug Administration, The National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration, The Federal Aviation Administration
and many, many others. What we do is we go
to those resources and we try to find out
what’s the history of the product. What is the history
of the pharmaceutical drug? Has there been any FDA warning? Has there been any FDA recall? Are there any adverse
event reports dealing with a
particular pharmaceutical. So, we research all of that, and then we try to go back
and put all the information together, so that we can understand
what happened to our client. We need to be able to understand
the story of each client’s case, and obviously we get the information
from them, from their doctors, from their medical records,
and also from any other sources that we can research
to find out what happened.

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