Pharmaceutical Options for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hi, I’m Margaret Martin at MelioGuide. Thanks for tuning in, I’m covering Part five
on the very important topic of hormones and bone health. So if you haven’t tuned into the other um,
blogs until now on hormones I suggest you do so because I’m just continuing on my journey
of my own experience with bio-identical hormones replacement therapy. I’ve learnt so much in this journey I thought
it would be helpful to share with my audience, some of the things that might help you along
the journey yourself. And so, it’s been a six months since I found
the gynecologist who specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and it’s been
a great six months. Frustrating at times, but I feel so much better,
so much stronger. My stamina, in terms of exercise, and my sleep
is wonderful, sex is great. It’s been a really good journey. And so, let’s look at you know, what was the
journey when it came to pharmaceuticals. One, I didn’t realize the cost. So, I’m doing six different drugs, I guess
you could say. And I’ll share with you what they are. But along the whole course of testing, and
retesting, and seeing where I was at, I never knew what I was going to have to start taking. You know, I kind of figured being in menopause
estrogen and progesterone because if you take estrogen, you need the progesterone. But then it came along that my testosterone
was so very low, so testosterone became important, and then for increasing sensitivity, estradiol
becomes important. And then, DHEA is a precursor of some of the
other hormones, so it supports your adrenals. And then, amongst all the testing that was
happening, he looked at thyroid. So, those are all the drugs that I am taking,
and it’s costing me approximately $150 a month. Now, I’m living in Canada. Some of these pharmaceuticals, the progesterone
and the estrogen, are from a big pharma company and so I can pick it up at the local pharmacy. But some other drugs are coming from the compounding
pharmacies. And so, that can be a frustrating exercise. Some of the compounding pharmacies that I
dealt with, I didn’t like the way that they were dispensing. It was frustrating for me to try to figure
out exactly how much I was supposed to take. So I explored another compounding pharmacy,
and that worked so much better. You know, even just the ease of getting the
drugs. Some of them will deliver at your doorstep. Sometimes they need you to show up in person. So depending on your lifestyle, it’s gotta
work for you. But over these last six months, it’s been
an exercise, sometimes in frustration, but overall, I’m really, you know, I’m pleased
with having pursued it. I hope that this helps you if you decide to
go that route. Ultimately, it’s gotta be right for you, and
I’m hoping that this is helpful. So thanks for tuning in. I’m Margaret from MelioGuide.

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