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At Orasis Pharmaceuticals, we developed a pharmaceutical drug that is aimed at eliminating the need for reading glasses. That’s a problem that 1.5 billion people around the world are suffering from. Currently, there are only reading glasses or contact lenses, and our product, which comes in the form of eye drops, is actually aimed at eliminating the need for that for so many people around the world. That area, more than probably any other technology, really needs strong patents to support innovation. So much money, time, and resources go into developing a pharmaceutical product, and they really need strong patent protection. In that area, the law is really changing rapidly right now. There’s a lot of discussion about patentable subject matter, and certain claims that in the past people would have thought were definitely covering innovations are now being held to be not patentable subject matter simply because they’re natural processes or new innovations, so that’s something that’s really evolving. I do a lot of client counseling. I work with some smaller companies, and some new startups that are developing some chemical entities, and working with some larger pharmaceutical companies as well. i spend a lot of time in the courtroom litigating patents for innovative companies, and I think once you see how patents can be litigated or issues that come up in the courtroom, I think that really helps with knowing how to write stronger patents for companies. I think you know a lot more once you see how they’re attacked. You learn how to draft claims that would be less susceptible to certain attacks.

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