Pharmaceutical Science student Joseph talks about why he chose to study at Kingston University

my name is Joseph day and I’m currently studying pharmaceutical science at Kingston University I belong to the tech faculty down on the pending road hmmm Road hassling my favorite campus it’s amazing it’s like something is always going on i chose Kingston because not only is it close to home but it’s also close to London and being close to London is something important for me london i would have to say the best it in earth it’s like multiculturalism through far by far um another reason is because I feel safe in Kingston Kingston’s a place where you can feel safe I feel safe walking down the road at free him the morning in Kingston where else in London could you say that um today I’ve got free top tips you my first top tip is learn how to smile because everyone wants to see those pearly whites yeah everyone my second top tip is don’t be afraid to ask for help help is available you’ve just got to go out and seek it my third top tip is joining a club join the society join anything just get involved be proactive you know I myself join the club at the start of the year I joined scuba diving subaqua um at first I was a bit apprehensive because I’m scared of fish and everything but once I started meeting the people talking to them getting to know them try new experiences I was like this is what uni is about I would just like to say thank you very much listening to me today and I hope to see you soon

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