Pharmaceutical Sciences Alumnae Jin Yan Jin, PhD ’03

my name is Jin Yan Jin I got my PhD from
University of Buffalo with Dr. Biljusgo in 2003 and post-op with him
in lab in 2005 i’m currently director and principal scientist at Genentech
from oversee the model simulation support in clinical drug development I
also work in alai Lilly before my time at Genentech one thing I think I really
take away from my graduate study that’s benefits for my own entire life it’s a
way how to do critical thinking how to face a problem and how to solve our
problems and the way I learned that is released through the multiple graduate
courses regardless of which company you go to which either function you go to
which type of career you go that way of critical thinking how to define a
problem how to solve a problem it helped me not only in my professional
career but also in my daily life

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