Pharmaceutical Sciences Alumnus Abhijit Chakraborty, PhD

my name is Abhijit Chakraborty I
graduated from UB from the Department of pharmaceutics in 1999 and then after I
joined several companies in successions starting with Biogen Idec then I moved
to Johnson and Johnson and now I’m currently at and the word is so how has
UB impacted my development I would say in an immense way and that cannot be
overstated UB inculcates a discipline in terms of how tall we should be in our
work how probing we should be and how to look at things more from a holistic way
actually what we are doing how much impact we are making to society and what
we are giving back so I am taking these lessons and I’m apply them in my walk on
a day to day basis and I’m still so much thankful that I’ve chose UB as my pay as
my school for graduate studies

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