Pharmaceutical Sciences – University of Sunderland

We offer three undergraduate courses in
the field of pharmaceutical sciences. They are BSc Biopharmaceutical Science,
BSc Medicinal Chemistry and BSc Biochemistry. The biopharmaceutical course is
a very integrated course. It combines elements such as organic
chemistry… cell biology, biochemistry and a heavy
influence on analytical chemistry as well. Medicinal Chemistry is quite a new
discipline, relatively speaking, and it focuses on the synthesis, design and
optimisation of drug molecules which can be developed further into therapeutic
agents. Biochemistry is a slightly different discipline that focuses a
little bit more on the biology. So you’ll be looking at the biochemical processes
that occur inside the body, inside the cell… and relating that to disease
pathology and also looking at ways that we can detect diseases in the laboratory
as well, so Assay techniques. The majority of our students go on to work
in regional or national pharmaceutical companies. We have great partnerships with them so
we do have excellent employability rates. But there are also a number of
different areas where our students can go into such as teaching or postgraduate study. It’s like learning a new language, to
basically read the signals. That’s something I’m interested in.
I like it, it makes me feel like I know another language, it’s a good experience.
It’s a good thing to learn. I would say all the lecturers here
have been really helpful. Dr Stephanie Myers, she gave
us a lot of support and she gave us a lot of help.
Other than that I think I wouldn’t be performing how I’m
performing at the minute without her help. We offer sandwich programmes
for all three courses. A large number of our students choose to undertake these, as they’re very transformative experiences for our students, they improve
employability and they are supported through the duration of that industrial
placement. It’s an opportunity for them to gain invaluable experience working at a
large multinational pharmaceutical company. I’ve decided to study my Masters at
Sunderland University again. They provide another level
of Masters for this course… which is Drug Discovery and Development… and I think I’ll proceed to that one. We’ve got excellent facilities here at the
University, we’ve recently had a lot of investment in those facilities so have a
number of purpose-built laboratories that can be used for organic chemistry
and analysis for all three of the courses that we offer. We have a new
suite which contains a number of different analytical facilities
which includes LCMS… infrared spectroscopy and gas chromatography also.
I’m looking for a student with a general interest in science, none of the students
that leave A-Levels are going to have a huge amount of knowledge about what
Biopharmaceutical Science, Biochemistry or even Medicinal Chemistry is really,
but what we need is someone that’s got an interest in chemistry and biology and
is willing to learn and open themselves up to new experiences in the lab.

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