Pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing process by wet granulation

Tablet manufacturing process can be divided into three categories API and excipients for intragranular use are subjected to sifting process Sifting is carried out through # 40 or # 60 or any other suitable size sieve can be utilized depending upon the characteristics of the API and excipients After sifting process, materials are subjected to dry mixing process Addition of granulating fluid Generally rapid mixture granulator or RMG is utilized in the process of wet granulation After wet granulation, the materials are subjected to drying process in fluid bed dryer or tray dryer or any other suitable dryer After drying, the materials are subjected to milling process Generally # 16 or # 20 are utilized or any other suitable size sieve can be utilized depending upon characteristics of the product They may be disintegrating agents, extragranular compressible excipients such as microcrystalline cellulose or any other excipients having good flow property and that supports compression Generally magnesium stearate is utilized but depending upon characteristics of API any other suitable lubricating agent can be utilized So this was the method of wet granulation


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