Pharmaceuticals at a Glance

[Music] people’s life expectancy is growing continuously but the demographic change has consequences the number of chronic diseases and the increasing occurrence of multiple conditions is growing one of the great challenges for the aging society is cancer [Music] zigfried Stark is 77 years old three and a half years ago he was diagnosed with prostate cancer the second most common form of cancer in men worldwide Vern London when you hear about cancer you always think that it may lead to death very quickly we are part of the fight against cancer for this we need new and effective substances and collaborative partnerships that increase our own innovative strength we will therefore continue to increase our investment in research and development licensing agreements and acquisitions complete our development portfolio but it is not just about oncology but also in a therapeutic areas of cardiology gynecology hematology and ophthalmology where we research develop and market innovative medicines [Music] zigfried Stark was able to fight back against his cancer which stopped progressing after being treated with the targeted alpha therapy it would be nice if I had another few years in reasonably good health for my age fingers crossed but it’s in God’s hands I’m not planning to move mountains anymore the important thing is to be healthy and be able to move around and look after the house a while longer that’s my wish [Music] Oh

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