Pharmacist vs Paul Bashir


  1. it would took me a lot of courage to shake his hands because his standing point is too weak for me …… though im not a vegan but i truly have bigger awareness on eating animals after reading this, since i have already cut down eating red meat for years, may be i should start for another step….. nice video thanks for it.

  2. I think when you become aware of the facts that the meat and dairy industries try to hide, you can't really argue against being a vegan.

  3. "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." -Arthur Schopenhauer… I hope this pharmacist gets it sooner than later…

  4. What would you expect from a pharmacist? Indoctrinated into the system and stubbornly holding onto false beliefs. Such a shame. Good job well done to the activists! 🙏

  5. HA I was actually laughing at how stupid that pharmacist is. All his arguments were shut down in a matter of seconds, and half of them had absolutely NOTHING to do with what he was trying to prove because he was embarrassed that he had no real answer to Paul's questions. GO PAUL BASHIR!! 🙂

  6. I am 12 year of Vegan since twelve years old, my body is stronger than people who eat Meat diet, i'm only take small rice and few vegetable a day, who say Vegan scarcity of vitamin, there just pretense, it is because our heart control our soul. You guy are really great, people who refuse Vegan is because appetence of heart, that why some people's temper is like animals. Vegetarian is a blessing to create the future, compassion is the future of peace. Please do not give up, Anonymous for the Voiceless is Team of Jesus. Go Go Anonymous !

  7. Fuck i saw the same sort of video yesterday fro two dollars (btw just let them keep the money) and now I'm definitely gonna be a vegetarian, he was wrong not zero people went away and said they wouldn't become veggie also when he says its in our nature to eat meat he's wrong we evolved from apes do apes eat meat? no. Thanks for providing good information keep it up.

  8. Lovely to see you stand up for what you believe in, but this is nature. We kill animals, animals kill each other, and we're all destined to die . Sparing them is merely delaying the inevitable. But, that's just my opinion. Nicely handled out there, and have a great day.

  9. I care but, we need to bring harder regulation in the meat production industry, I know and buy meat from a local rancher who raises them in open fields and butchers humanely, no bleeding them out to die, one shot no pain.

  10. you are a moron. when the guy starts talking about iron levels, you have no response because vegans dont know shit about nutrition and you say " i dont want to get into a shitfight plus vegans living on average longer". wtf cares about vegans living longer. answer the fucking question about iron

  11. this guy is pissing me off, I give you hardcore props for the patience you have. You're doing an amazing thing and I really do think you struck deep with this guy. well done.

  12. LOL. go to 1:30

    As Paul realizes the pharmacist is much more educated than him, he calls the conversation a "shit fight" because he got triggered.


    Paul you are a complete DUMBASS.

  13. That guy !! blah blah blah blah,
    He was very annoying and you were brilliant. But he did walk up to you so he must have wanted to hear it.

  14. ♥♥♥ when you realize your mind and heart is open and you must change your life ♥♥♥
    Lov to be vegan since three years, never go back .
    Great stuff !!! 👍
    This challange we do now in november in Germany.
    Sad that the video is only in english

  15. At AV:OC, I spoke to an old man who denied that the same videos we were showing were somehow doctored to be false. I stayed patient and humored his concerns and realized that some people out there just want to argue and have this intense desire to be heard. This guy seems to be the same type of person, not particularly concerned about veganism, but there to express how his ideas must be superior. Kudos to you for staying patient

  16. He did make a point saying are we talking about general population because alot of non-vegans do eat pretty bad. I want to see the ratio of non-vegan on a heathy diet to a vegan. If someone could send a link. P.S. I'm not gonna argue just my opinon, so dont come at me plz

  17. Wowww!! He is one tough cookie to crumble😃😄😓So cool and calm Paul…I hope he left thinking long and hard.You can tell he was so set in his opinion and I think he was not really listening 🤦🏻

  18. This is probably the first vegan video I've seen that has a comment section that's not full of comments bashing vegans.

  19. He will probably never break through his arrogance (Trying to be superior but failing badly talking down to you) But that was one hell of a great video. Plus dam useful as other non active vegans will see this and be inspired.

  20. How many 16 year old girls with low anemia vs how many stroke/high blood pressure/diabetic older people does he see? All those 16 year olds also probably were not eating anything.

  21. Im a pharmacist and I can say this…we spend 5 years training and we have a wealth of knowledge and guess what we are reduced to doing day in day out…..dispensing meds for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. And guess what….hardly no recommendations about diet. All we are told to advise is to stop smoking and to suggest a Mediterranean diet laden with fish and oils!!! We get hardly any training on nutrition. This guy is a bit embarrassing but a product of what medics and pharmacists are taught which is garbage when it comes to nutrition. And here's another thing, I only realiased this after going vegan but we are just puppets for big pharma so if they start recommending people eat shit thats what pharmacist will start telling you to do. Except for the ones that actually think outside the box and search for the truth and go vegan xxx We are not taught to prevent diseases we are taught how to prolong the lives of people with painful diseases so that big pharma can profit off their sickness till they die. I honestly wish I knew all this before I chose Pharmacy as a career.

  22. That was perfectly done. Deflecting the BS arguments and referring back to the needless exploitation, suffering and killing of innocent defenceless sentient baby animals….
    this is unjustifiable any way to look at it. Boom 💥

  23. this guy is an idiot,judging by his body language he was just there to get a rise out of you,nothing more,the guy will always be a meta eater.

  24. Iron (beans, lentils, spirulina, spinach) + vitamin C rich foods. (for more absorption)
    B12 supplementation via (fortified plant milks, oral spray, a sublingual vitamin pill, or nutritional yeast) B12 is not an issue with those who consume these foods or supplements. 🙂
    He will come around. I think if a person has a heart they often will spend time arguing, because if they were sociopaths they would just ignore the demo all together.

  25. a pharmacist.. wow they are one of the worst.. I was talking to a pharmacist the other day, telling him that all the pills a dear friend of mine is taking hasn't help one bit but rather gave them really bad side effects and he didn't flinch.. just went on with his business.

  26. That guy don't understand anything😅
    So He needs reality. Maybe he wants too..
    Let him have an experience in that cage👋

    What is the vegan response?

  28. I doubt vegans will ever be majority as their are so many ex vegans who are unhealthy duecto veganism

  29. What do his supposed credentials as some sort of glorified, overpaid shop assistant have to do with anything at all? Total narcissist making it all about himself. Obviously reading out cough syrup labels to doting old ladies isn't giving him the buzz he needs so he goes out looking for a "shit fight" on the street (great expression!). Well done for being polite and very subtly telling this opinionated waste of space to go away.

  30. You do such awesome work! I hope to one day bump into you at a Melbourne Cube of Truth! I think it'll be a big one this Saturday with the Dominion march!

  31. I had low iron levels when i ate meat, My iron levels are now the best they have ever been on a vegan diet, He is an industry that provides medication for sick people he doesn't want people to be healthy or he will be out of work.

  32. VEGAN here. But SORRY…I felt aggression coming from Bashir not from the pharmacist in this round. He appeared to be intrigued & engaged in the convo until Bashir blurted out not wanting to get into a "shit fight. Poor pharmacist guy, seemed caught off guard by that. Don't think he was feeling the same way. Just saying.

    We gotta remember …that just because someone doesn't agree , doesn't inherently mean conflict. Sometime the only thinwe can can do is to "agree to disagree". That in itself remains a victory in it's own right.

  33. I'm not sure I would have been able to keep my cool like you did. I still have a lot to learn (have been activist for 2,5 months). Great job!!

  34. Paul I could sense you were getting so pissed off but you did a good job at containing yourself and remaining stoic. Remember bro most of us including myself were stubborn like this guy and that’s because our society did such a deep job at brainwashing us… anyhow I’m proud to be a member of AV man it was good meeting you at ALC in San Francisco

  35. WOW! he was a tough customer! But, in fact…it is all a dance! The joke is: a man walks into a market where haggling is the rule. He says to the shop owner "I want this basket for which you are asking $100. So, I will say $50 to which you'll respond 95 to which I'll respond 55 etc" So I'll just give you $75 and take the basket". The shop owner says, "$95"..It is a ritual dance and this fellow before he can allow his heart to invoke itself must exhaust his logic. Well done!

  36. I ate meat for most of my life, and most of my life I've had an iron deficiency, just's about how and if ur body can absorb it. And yes, you need to have iron, but if your body doesn't absorb it, your gonna have a prob, vegan or not. Why do you think they sell so many iron pills at the pharmacy? It's not there exclusively for the vegans right? And that goes for b-12 too, if your intrinsic factor doesn't absorb it, then you have to get b-12 shots, vegan or not. Rise up and choose plants.

  37. The angry man with the glasses needs to go vegan!.He has no heart he has a swinging brick.Vegan is yummier healthier and there is no need to hurt the sentient beings!.

  38. This is a person who isnt willing to change. He was straight up defensive and couldn't even articulate his argument.

  39. Why do people act like taking B12 supplements doesn’t count as a way to get b12? The guy was a pharmacist. Doesn’t he sell supplements as part of his daily job?
    Also, remover that free range animals still end up in the same slaughterhouses dying horrible deaths with their throats slit after trusting us to take care of them.

  40. Why didn't you just say "B12 and iron that come out of supplements are equally good, if not better, than eating meat, because of cancer risk, pathogens, and other factors" and shut down the ignorance immediately?

    The tendency of people "like the taste" of meat is a little more complicated, but given that vegetarians/vegans often lose their taste for meat (or literally can't stomach it anymore and get ill) casts doubt on the idea that it's innate. Also, a lot of money is spent to keep meat on the minds of people. Industry leaders freely admit that if they stopped using massive govt-subsidized advertising, meat consumption would decrease:

    Also you could've just said, ok guys, take off your masks, to demonstrate it had nothing to do with being afraid and everything to do with attention-grabbing.

  41. Omg i meet young girls even adults eho suffer low iron levels and they eat meat and dairies all the time. Vegans make sure to have their vit b12 and iron. We are not low on energy! Vit b12 has nothing to do with meat consumption dear pharmacist!

  42. I actually learned a lot by this, the way you don't let him steer the conversation in weird directions is really good.

  43. I was just in an AV event a few days ago. This activist needs to be less confrontational and less judgemental-sounding. We should never accuse people or imply they are bad people. Socratic method should always be used.

  44. This is quite funny because he is really interested, he stays for the conversation, then he walks over with Paul and takes a leaflet, then shakes his hand. But on the other hand he is being quite argumentative about the truth and what he is seeing. Classic denial and disbelief in what he is seeing and can't believe all of his knowledge he thinks is reality and legitimate, is false. Very interesting.

  45. Just joined you Paul and im watching this from Argentina, this country relays heavily on meat, so hard to make people go inside their minds… so much ignorance, very poor educational system.

  46. Is this guy fucking autistic? I've seen A LOT of vegan debates, but this guy is so delusional and irrational i just want to hit him

  47. Being both a pharmacist and a vegan myself, I can tell you that I have not hit any road blocks as far as necessary vitamins and nutrients go. B12 and iron, as mentioned by the gentleman in the video, are not barriers that lack solutions. You handled the situation very well and he certainly realized it. I apologize that he through out "I'm the pharmacist" in a poor fashion followed by poor "facts."

  48. that's for sure chinese,I am chinese,I know exactly what he is doing and thinking.he just want to argue with you without any deeper and open mind thoughts ,people in China always be these kind of atitude.i think it is a problem of society here in my country.
    I am a vegan activist in beijing, I suggest don't mind this kind of person,they really just want argue with you but nothing

  49. People need to learn how to cook vegan. Most people are conditioned to consumerism, convenience, indoctrined to eat certain things.. and they hold to that belief because they're accustomed. They reach a cognitive dissonance and don't know how to stick to the hypocritical way of thinking so they become irrational and stubborn. We should be taught how to convert and not just why.

  50. Arguing with an idiot is like playing chess with a pigeon, even if you win, it will still shit all over the board like it's won anyway!

  51. Mate get your life together. Stop going around telling people to join your campaign to become vegan. The government will not follow you. Your a d¡ckhard. I lead cattle for a living at shows and the cattle enjoy it. It’s not slavery. The reason the cattle get killed it because it’s part of their life cycle. So wake up to yourself

  52. I just stumbled upon your channel from Vegan Footsoldier and I have to say you're probably the best activist I've seen. Earthling Ed is great but you're ruthless!

  53. 1:55 you can see this guy is uncomfortable looking at the videos, his eyes, look but he tries to avoid watching the videos.

    Way too pompous and self righteous, talking about vitamin B12 yet thinks it's found in animals, meanwhile it's actually bacteria, dirt, cobalt.
    Farmed animals are injected with B12, why not get the shot from your Doctor or take a pill everyday like I do.
    Again, too self righteous and inflated ego.

  54. This guy paul Bashir is a joke. The usual bullshit, but love how he never answers a question from the pharmacist. No wonder paul bashir is ridiculed and not respected. What an absolute tool. Give it ten years this guy will have vanished.

  55. Whenever he answered your question and confronted you with his argument you just switched to something else. You got good debating skills, but frankly you lost.

  56. the job of the meat and dairy industries is to make people go against their nature. It's in nobody's nature to torture and rape for taste.

  57. Like no animal eater has low iron or B12… lame old worn out excuse… like the old worn out protein though, argument.

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