so Ziggy mom would talk mugga mugga bye so keep any masala Kodama na kabhi Teresa Badawi mysterious herb is coming home bye huh he can come in some manila we got nine hours in BIA two days I'm torn about today Quran what toka mr. hot springs temper a similar rice terraces putting Toriyama you see a chatting with Chet a banal way Oh DiPaola young native bubble chewing gum yeah or Mumma yeah don't Morabito not a second couple come over in Tunisia see Apple show us how it's done so this treating Mick makes the red remember yeah but if you add Tobago is making more warmer and a little bit dizzy others afraid of chewing this one because they thought that the red thing can be pained in the mouth but not if you do toothbrush then it will be remove only those people who doesn't have maybe to crap then when my socket yeah I get but it's steady like they have the red tip power stranger to thrash them everything's remove it white again okay so yeah so so repeat on bus five five hundred and forty three pieces Warren in Ghana and then now environmental people boxer documentaries are now a fifty pesos 50 pesos so you're talking to me deulim's hot springs good morning nice to meet you sir CK so money and Turgenev oh I see I see Gloria so on so dictation a Rocketeer at the recent taco natal Torino so I don't lingo itv2 a Hawaiian native toiley wrong I'm gonna go Marcus to ollie I know I know we did mom put under we hit now we know we it yeah siegy so don't look at me sir what's bringing subtracting Gondo Korean OD I Iike Korean OD i Iike cg so keep tenemos only code in wire 3 para per dollar of manga carga so cement Oh Bob Boyd ow rice mr. Danza so oh boy Damon pretty much the guy so he can smoke Japanese no Japanese no board Anna yeah it's big 3 3 young starting points a trick so calm I got 45 minutes to an hour Abby Lee's cover Lodi skip you walk fast he monitoring more my three you gonna choose among get out there you know Pula shut up and get in there you miserable and Okazaki before we in we and a gigging so hollow cylinder a healing mug to none mama mama mama mama Sookie tenemos a car sod my Pula too much allow vanilla and the use until now is the whole truth of the mama yes if you will marry her you can use that as engagement I give her mama the house of the woman and the nothing he leaves with the tobacco and then the lime and then everybody will choose Wow that's coming soon a parameter is my unit Springs there is a opus on book known as brain precipice and minute oh yeah boom yeah hot spring so yeah hot spring Misha some time tracking comida de ikita naman boca de Haan Musa Dagh which is sandpapers aruna for a sec aha way far as a perm Olympian Oh can a kikah which is toothbrush so monito healing momentary soma Padang Muto so he neon tooth Priscilla see Soaker only gonna give me a graphic a in it and then say in it Springs why don't we breathe all right so Joey's mom Joey's the girl with the facts knocking among at effects so this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it was to create in 1995 in there of five locations of the rice terraces and UNESCO means basically the can destroy a UNESCO this the United Nations like um and this is a cultural landscape that's why it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site it's been around for hello 2,000 years it hasn't changed in it landscaping yeah that's all I got so see Joey Napoli choked adventure bug for something and tracking Sharma Kokua chug basura whoopsie Tita Gloria knocked a bomb let you know not oh no I don't know sir I know yen yeah but I mean dragonfly Oh paano Salonika want dragon 5 Lima loop at the post my feel it Robbie top post para la long burn them in for Fujian ginika unica Anila telega Messara pian Mossad up break the horn hello go last eat me eat those for him to give away my name by Maggie no microkorg dragon play Mariner Marin Masaya okay survived you are among it out there is a book it K completo turn underneath my rice my Easter tilapia farm Gulai the man wild tomato' Jerry I want that one plant know what Lord that plants are plants hmm set up behind eco bed thank you no Sookie oh but I got me septic deep desire rice terraces a cold spring hot spring got my long young hot spring tour a sticky up on nice gonna get me a cold spring K in it Monday soniku red Coco no it's like a popular on MoMA sat the god oh no no not no not like me yeah yeah like yeah um I'm not so you because I think people just say English juice no 3b Sam Botta or tagalog orange or red along be big young Baba yes orange mouth soniku Ratko okay how receptive and be sunny mug about and a five years old like chewing Mesilla we do some kids we did see some kids chewing we sign um sang today please do not throw your garbage or spit moma okay you gotta become popular so Sultan Allah like Jerusalem Omaha to mud bog now Monday so cool on tokyo rozilla some counselor okay so not wanting to got me sir homestay no so palooka me money I'm gana no mo but Park immediacy my coach a tapas mosebach play longer me Lito so 25 minutes on but like with our backpack so book admin bar Amanda contra entraps Nia Nakula was poobah miseq admin hate my life so much but got home okay all right so so we've arrived chat bisaya very good for me buddy sir but Dad village it's not that go get Explorer tomorrow serve I see yeah so Lu married three her old ma didn't give me much Explorer so but I can move my pocket on ammo stay tuned for more fanfare baby man


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