1. Unlabel this music so I can have YouTube run in the background while i do other stuff. Please. And thanks you. Love and light?

  2. so that trey guy said these are all assay-able numbers. what was he taking?–nototrannnedetract is of name.
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    Polly considers waking Lumlum in her Faraway spacefaring pirate ship, but the situation doesn't yet require her powers… and the cost of also waking up the Sasquatch isn't worth it

    ghostBird Tech1 : 🐋 comm

    Polly asks the whales for permission to go below the waves

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    But the palatial undersea world only appears with an invitation

    He goes to Europa and awaits the malfunctioning HarsraH

    … and speaks secrets to the Jellyfish, knowing their language, and knowing 🐋 song

  4. Haha! Yes! Dale, I just bought my ticket for Oct 16th, Albany, N.Y. here I come! See u soon Phish! Stoked…

  5. My husband, father of our 3 children passed suddenly at 39 yrs old on Jan 27th, 2018. Down w Disease is now my theme song. 2 kids are adults (kinda haha- mom, I'm hungry; mom, do u have…) and our 3rd just started 9th grade. It's been the shitiest yr ever. I miss my soul mate n the kids miss the best father ever. Anyway, when my last one heads out, I'm gonna too. I won't b able to retire yet but every chance I get will b traveling, tent camping, maybe a cabin here or there. That's what r plans were so I may as well do it. I really don't wanna become a cat lady, I'm too young. It's hard though, hard to get outta bed, to do anything. I have a very heavy heart w a gaping hole in it. I keep goin caus I'm all the kids have. Dale- I miss u so much, wanna just talk to u one more time, go to a shit ton of concerts n travel. I'm gonna do it…for us, for my sanity. I will always love u.

  6. Well this blunder of exposure is really still, the only minutes that make any sense past and present. Never really quite panned out for me and, really, not insane. Thought that Trey solo, around two-thousand to about two-thousand-two is, some of the greatest and, wish Ray well. There really is to much to say and, never anyone to share it with. So as things wind down here in Marlborough Massachusetts with my mother Sharon here is hoping you all, for you and yours. But really, ( and I know for most of you ) it is quite possibly the most frustratingly difficult waste it seems. Phish for me personally has been the most counter-intuitive experience full of regret and would literally like to express my deep personal dissatisfaction of ever knowing them and their efforts to affect society through their music. A poor "twist of fate" I think because of timing and the allusion to friendship that, in hindsight has become a personal wound in my country heart that will not allow healing or the recognocense of healing. And regretfully makes me feel that life was better left unserved, as to the cause of loneliness, ( which is wilderness and something to which there is no consensus. ) Not that I feel thru experience a lack of substance more to the affect a seriousness about the experience that really never had PEACE at heart. To be true, not Mike, Fish, Page or Trey's doing but rather a response from crowds who, literally are contrary to their lesson. Truth on point in bitter irony to others. Phish, from 89 to my All Things Reconsidered opener sight had me so happy but, how are people to stay happy when in fact no one ever cared. Mine, a love story. However, I feel as though I struggle in that affect to remain hencewhile something tries to make this into some kind of comedy or tragedy of existence.
    And that me good friend is destructive in a denial of what really is the cornerstone of life today. I pray, true to heart, that understanding of Americans lives to be lived in real physics is respective. Not a life of constant reactionism but harmony. Yeah, maybe I have gummed up my own works and fell out of tune to people's melodies but alive YES. You all are my country, someday see it for what it is in your own freewill. Please remember that this band is a vehicle for good but apolitical as I am a two year old in the year of our bicentennial. Hope should turn the soil and mix in in inclusion not, a series of exclusion.
    The Wall is and was always meant to be torn down. And the wall remains regardless ever watchful. Mind your spirit folk for we are only a small part of a very large and vast world. Perfection and criminality should be all of y'alls main concern.

  7. My buddy Jon's quote in our high school yearbook was.. "this has all been wonderful, but now I'm on my way".. Jon recently passed away, and today is his funeral.. we love you Jon.. this jam goes out to you✌️

  8. Now that I am Caregiving to my Mom who has dementia this song takes a new light. 🙂 I have always loved this jam!

  9. Down with disease
    Three weeks in my bed
    Trying to stop these demons that keep dancing in my head

    Down with disease
    Up before the dawn
    A thousand barefoot children outside dancing on my lawn, and I keep

    Waiting for the time when I can finally say
    That this has all been wonderful but now I'm on my way
    But when I think it's time to leave it all behind
    I try to find a way but there's nothing I can say to make it stop

    Down with disease and the jungles in my mind
    They're climbing up my waterfalls and swingin' on my vines
    So I try to hear the music but I'm always losing time
    'Cause they're stepping on my rhythm and they're stealin' all my lines
    Stealin' all my lines and I keep

    Waiting for the time when I can finally say
    That this has all been wonderful but now I'm on my way
    But when I think it's time to leave it all behind
    I try to find a way but there's nothing I can say to make it stop

    Songwriters: Tom Marshall / Trey Anastasio
    Down With Disease lyrics © Who IS She Music Inc.

  10. My friend covers this song perfectly. There's no match. Everyone''s got their own sound and these guys definitely hit my soul when I saw them at Sugarbush in the summer of Ninety Five when they picked up the remainders of Dead Tour. What an experience that was and always will be.

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