Physical Therapist Career Information : Physical Therapist Job Description

My name’s Drew Norwood, I’m a physical therapist.
I work at Registered Physical Therapists, Incorporated, in South Jordan, Utah. A physical
therapist is someone that helps patients that have injuries–orthopedic injuries, industrial
injuries, auto accident injuries. There’s various different settings. But my setting
is more orthopedic related. We help them get better, stronger, help them get back to their
activities as fast as they can. We also help patients with wellness programs, stretching
programs, and exercise programs. A typical day for me in the clinic–I get here around
nine o’clock in the morning. I always start seeing patients at that point in time. I usually
have paperwork to catch up on. Paperwork consisting of insurance issues, evaluations, dictations
that we do for the patients. So I try and catch up on those. Then, we see the patients.
We do heat and electrical stimulation with them. Also ultrasound. We do stretches and
exercises. Depending on the various body parts we’re dealing with, that could be anywhere
between the neck all the way down to the foot. We do different exercises programs with them
out in our gym, that can consist of cardiovascular conditioning. Also strengthening exercises,
stabilization exercises, and then we finish with manual therapy. Stretching the patient,
joint mobilizations, myofascial release. And those are a few of the manual therapies that
we do. We also have activities that they can do manually themselves that we show, and make
sure they have a home exercise program, because each patient at home needs to do those activities,
because if they don’t do it at home, the therapy that we’re doing here is not that beneficial,
and so they need to do those home exercises.


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