Physical Therapist Shows How To Walk Correctly

hi everyone this is dr. Justin Lin over at rehab and revived physical therapy thanks for coming to watch this segment today we’re gonna talk about walking and walking correctly now walk is important everyday function thing that we do we walk roughly we’re supposed to walk about 10,000 steps to be healthy that’s roughly around three to four miles but 10,000 steps is pretty good but even if you’re not most of us are walking about a thousand steps per day so that’s the most repetitive thing you’re gonna do your body you’re gonna break down your back you’re gonna break down your hips knees ankles the whole thing and actually there’s been lots of studies for people with TMJ and headaches the link of poor walking mechanics and link to these headaches and neck problems so they’re very important I want you guys to listen closely about changing some of the way you normally think about walking so what we’re gonna focus on here is the glute area I want you really to concentrate this this your hips absorb all three times your body weight your knees about seven times your body weight so your hips really need to do their job otherwise your knees your ankles have more stress very important so we want to be able to push off a lot of people think military and they’re thinking the Nutcracker and they want to move their front leg forward more than than they should but really it should be thinking about the hind leg I want all you guys to think about the hind leg being able to push off being able to push off through the back leg and that will force the other leg to go forward so you don’t even have to really think about the front leg I want you guys to think about the back leg so once again it’s the back leg to push not the front leg to lead I want you to really take and flip that paradigm a little bit very important concept here that I had to revolutionize and rethink for for my patients but the next things very important is arm swing some of you ladies are holding handbags purses whatever they’re really or back or even strapping a lot of a lot of folks down so arm swing is very important because what that happens there what happens there forearm swing is actually a counter torque in that abdomen that’s gonna force this tip or the opposing hip to to come to come up and that’s free assistance you don’t have to fight your own body at all you don’t want to fight your body because if you’re walking like this you’re gonna fight your own body but if you walk with a little bit of this hip rotation is what we call it it’s a little hip elevation you’re gonna save your your body from a lot of breakdown you know save your body from a lot of stresses and it’s just gonna save you energy overall to be efficient so once again review we’re gonna push off and you’re gonna throw that opposite leg throw the opposite leg and opposite arm forward so now I’m gonna do this in real time okay right here we’re going to push all right I’m gonna throw my arm like this it’s the opposite leg opposite arm push off push push push now I have a bunch of patients generally holding their their buttom bottoms you know they want to use their buttocks so in order to feel that you got to make sure you’re doing it so you’re gonna push push push push push push make sure that muscles engaged because if you go back to your old old way of walking I’m bet you’re gonna feel born your front muscles and that’s usually because you’re thinking about having that lead and what happens if you can see I’m leaning forward I put more stress in the anterior or front muscles and that’s what we’re using all constantly everyday sitting so really this is very important I want you guys to really change and shift that paradigm a little bit about how you walk and you’re gonna save yourself from a lot of chronic injuries thank you


  1. How cool is this, I must get my 11 month old twins to sit down and watch this "How To Walk Correctly" straight from the mouth of a professional 🤣

  2. This cue made my tfl overactive. Been trying to reverse it for months. Very sore hips now, thanks man…

  3. i need to know what to do with my feet! Should they be one in front of the other, shoulder width apart, or what? And do I land on heels or ball or toes? HELP!

  4. People so worried about their life rushing down streets they don't even realize they haven't learnt how to walk properly

  5. Ppl always in school talk about how I walk and it pisses me off because out of all the things you worry about is me walking? So dumb

  6. Excellent video. I could see the difference immediately when you showed how to do it wrong. Your shoulders and entire upper body came forward. When you walked with your hips your alighment from top to bottom was perfect. And your stride was fluent. I'll be more attentive now when I walk. Thank you!

  7. When I'm walking I lose gravity and go from the side to side and my friends always tell me to stop pushing them😂

  8. I've been told that my walk is gangstery/bouncy/unique etc. I also think my awkward walking is the biggest factor for my flat foot

  9. Ok Thank You so much For showing walking style correctly.. Now I also want to know how to speak like a gentlemen.I want to know how to sit correctly.Please Reply me

  10. 30, after some googling i realized i donno how to walk. aside from the vid, i suggest search for foot landing pattern ,landing position and how to take off.

  11. I walk so weirdly because I broke my ankle a couple months ago and I limp so bad and I have school in less then a month

  12. I really have no confident on doing anything and I ended up watching videos of how to live a life. 😢

  13. im 22….6 days later….im scared….im scared…im not in pain…i didnt know this feeling existed….i never felt the Absence of pain. im not sure what to happy. thanks

  14. I cant help it i have extremely flat feet. As well as over pronating ankles. But i am determined to walk. I really dont walk much because i feel like i walk weird. But i really cant help it. And now i dont go anywhere that requires walking because not only do my ankles start tp hurt but i just hate walking now

  15. well this is how we'll be walking asr AI enabled exoskeleton or neuralink will optimise our some of our motor functions

  16. My latest problem is pain in my left heel. I used to enjoy long walks. I don't know how I got it so screwed up. I thought I was weird, but there's a lot of people here.

  17. Thank you for improving my life. I will make sure to help others with the knowledge you have given me. #appreciation

  18. My parents tell me my shoulders are locked and i should relax more. I don’t get it because i’m as relaxed as i can be. I swing my arms naturally as i walk. I just don’t get it. Should i dislocate my shoulders to statisfy them?

  19. walking is just the beginning, how about standing tall or running and jumping around like schroedingers cat without dying .. . ??

  20. Great video. I walk with my body leaning forward and I think applying this exercise will help me. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Great information, but I think it would be even better if you had it re-filmed by someone who understood what to focus on. I was more distracted by the zooming in the wrong places than listening to your good advice….
    but thanks again.

  22. I recently (feb 1st june 2nd) two knee replacements. after therapy the knee pain and severe limp is gone. still have a limp – dr and therapist both agree it is from the hip….from limping for many (15-20 years) it is just habit know. having a very hard time trying to break it but still working on it. will try you walk – hope it helps

  23. Here after family, friends, classmates, and two strangers at the bus stop made fun of the way I walk, hopefully this video helps me look normal

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