Physical Therapist, Sports Medicine Specialist: Tyler Cope, ATC, DPT, LAT, PT

My name is Tyler Cope. I’m a physical therapist
with Duke Sports Medicine. I mainly treat orthopaedic and
sports-related injuries. However, I have a special interest
within neuromuscular conditions and chronic pain, especially how those two
play a role within orthopaedic injury. One thing I also work with
is sport-related concussion. So I help out with, both,
on-field concussion assessment and my outreach athletic training duties. But also, in the clinic, managing acute concussion rehab as
well as post-concussion syndrome, with the different types of
things that go along with that. When patients meet with me, they can
expect that I’m going to treat the person as a human being and
not just as the injuries. So I really like seeing what
psychosocial factors might play a role within whatever context
of injury that they have. And how we can really work on
a multidisciplinary approach in order to make sure that that person gets
the best outcome they can. And I always tell people that, I might not be the only person that
can help you with this or that. I might not have the perfect answer,
but I’m gonna be there with you and make sure that I’m there
with you along the ride, and that I’m a great resource for you to
make sure that you get the best outcome. I played soccer growing up. I played basketball. Currently, I’m very into rock climbing,
and also rock climbing-related injuries. So, If anybody’s a rock climber,
I’m their guy. So please come see me.

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