Physical Therapy Doctoral Graduation

[ Music ] [ Applause ] >> My privilege to join your
faculty in welcoming you into the Society of Physical
Therapists, a society dedicated to making the world a better
place one patient at a time. >> I assure you that there
will always be new obstacles to tackle. And if there isn’t, well, sometimes that’s the
biggest obstacle of all. But don’t lose heart. Look what you’ve already done. I’m so proud of all of you. >> David Gonzales [phonetic],
outpatient rehabilitation for a patient with chronic
left ischemic stroke. Molly Patron [phonetic],
outpatient rehabilitation for a patient with
hemiplegic cerebral palsy. [ Applause ] Outpatient rehabilitation
for a patient with patellofemoral syndrome. [ Applause ] >> It was a roller coaster ride. There were good moments,
bad moments, but we made it. >> It was a grueling,
a very long process, but it feels really
great to have graduated, and the program was
really great. We have great faculty and
staff, and I’m very thankful. [ Applause ] >> Collectively, their class
will treat almost 50,000 patients in a year. And if you, if you
multiply that by the number of physical therapists
in the world, they, they join physical
therapy as a huge force to make the world a better
place in which to live. >> For me, it was my
own personal injury that led me here,
probably like most people, and then just being able to
give back and help people in more ways than just one. >> It feels amazing. I really can’t even,
like, put into words how, how awesome it feels to
be up here and to be done and to be a doctor
of physical therapy. [ Cheering and Applause ]

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