Physical Therapy Exercises for Seniors: Lower Body Exercises If Using a Wheelchair – 24Hr HomeCare

Hi, this is Steve a licensed physical therapist
with 24Hr Homecare. I’m here with Polly and we’re here to go over
exercises for seniors for their legs when they’re in wheelchairs. The first thing that Polly is going to go
ahead and do is leg kicks. She’s just going to kick her legs straight
up and down, I want her to pause at the top to really squeeze that thigh muscle. The goal here is I want Polly to be able to
accomplish about 15 or 20 per leg. When she does that then she’s going to do
both legs at the same time. Pausing for a second at the top, really squeezing
that thigh muscle. This should be a little bit harder than the
other one. 15 to 20 times here. Then she’s going to go ahead and march in
place. So she’s going to bring her knee up as high
as possible , just beware if you’ve ever had a hip replacement just make sure this exercise
is okay with your doctor. 15 to 20 reps here. Then she’s going to do both legs at the same
time, this is going to be substantially harder so I only expect about 10 or 15, really good
for the core and tummy muscles. Then what we can do, if you have a band available
go ahead and put this around your legs and Polly is going to keep her feet together and
she’s just going to open her knees apart. Fantastic exercise for working those glutes,
this one you can probably do a little bit more depending on the resistance of the band. About 20 to 30 times. For more exercises please refer to our website

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