Physician Assistant: Alicia Marie Brown, MPH, PA-C

I’m Alicia Brown,
I’m a physician assistant. I see patients mostly in
colorectal surgery and that involves a variety
of different illnesses. We do colon cancer, as well as
patients that have rectal cancer. We also see people that don’t have
cancer with conditions such as benign, anorectal, such as hemorrhoids. We tend to see people during one of
the hardest moments of their lives. And it’s very important to be
understanding and patient and just be available should any
questions arise preoperatively and any concerns following the surgery. And I like to just be available and
them to know that they can come and see me if they need to be seen. Or that they can talk to me on
the phone if they just have questions. One of the main reasons that I’ve decided
to work at Duke is I love how well all of the staff and the physicians
communicate with each other. I feel like we really work well as a team
between the surgeons, the oncologists, and other providers to provide care for
patients in a seamless fashion. I would want patients to know that I
really do care about them as a person, as well as their health condition. And I would want them to know that I would
provide the best care that I possibly could and do so
as compassionately as possible.

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