Physician Assistant: Julie M. Marshall, MHS, PA-C

My name is Julie Marshall,
I’m a Physician Assistant. I practice out of
the South Point Clinic here in Durham. I started out my career as an exercise
physiologist working in a medically supervised wellness facility, so
I already had some clinical practice. And then, I started to think how
more could I help these patients? What more could I do? And that’s when I started to
investigate other options. And then, I stumbled upon
the physician assistant role and I knew that was right for me. My favorite part of my job is
getting to know the patients. Medicine is second, but
patient care, I think, is about getting to know
the patients themselves. The patient and their families are really
what brings you to work everyday. So getting to know them and
their environment, who they are as a person first, and
then being able to treat them thereafter, that’s really what I
think medicine is about. You learn a lot about someone when you
get to know them and their family, and then who they are, what drives them, and their relationships at home and
who they interact with? And I think you learn a lot about someone. And then, once you understand their
environment and who they are, I think that lends itself to being able
to treat them more comprehensively, and it establishes a life long
relationship with them.

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