Physician Assistant: Nicholas M. Hudak, PA-C

My name is Nick Hudak. I’m a physician assistant in
the Department of Neurology and I work in the division of
Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology. The patients I evaluate and
treat here at Duke are patients who suffer from multiple sclerosis and
other neuroimmunological disorders. And these patients often have trouble
with motor functions such as moving and walking, visual impairment or
sensory symptoms. My approach to each patient encounter
is really individualized and very patient-centered. I know that oftentimes when patients
are coming to a medical appointment that they may have some trepidation,
some nervousness, and first and foremost I always like
the patients to feel welcome and at ease. I’ve learned a great deal from patients, working with patients over
the past several years. And rather than one specific patient,
I think I’ve been taught many ways by patients with neurologic
illnesses for which there is no cure, that there is still a significant
amount of caring that I can do as a provider to help
them manage their condition, but I’ve also been impressed with and
admire patients’ ability to be self-directed in their own management of
their care, and utilizing the resources that we have here at Duke and elsewhere
to take better care of themselves. My favorite part about working at Duke and
specifically patients who come to Duke is being able to
provide them with patient-centered care. Getting to know them so I can really help
them promote their health, their function, and a high quality of life given whatever
illness they’re presenting with. I chose to practice as
a physician assistant and in medicine because I knew I
wanted to work with people, and I had particular interest in promoting
the health of patients in communities. I knew that medicine would be
a place where those goals, and work, meaningful work, would intersect.

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