Physician assistants: A helping hand

Zlata Janicijevic is kind of a pioneer
at Sunnybrook, filling the first physician assistant or PA role in the hospital. She works
under the supervision of physicians in the emergency department, assisting them with the
care of a wide range of patients from minor cuts to major injuries. She deals with it
all, attending to up to twelve patients in one shift. I’ve had a lot of people that are
surprised when I call their name to see them and they say ‘wow, I didn’t have to wait for a long at all
today.’ That’s the whole purpose is to see patients especially the
lower acuity patients and get them in and out of the emergency department as quick as possible. PAs have a long history in the military and
the U.S. with thousands working south of the border.
Here in Canada their numbers are growing with dozens of PAs working in Ontario alone including
four at Sunnybrook. I knew that professionally I’d be successful here just because of the need in the Canadian health care system is
more access and decreasing wait times and that’s our function or our benefit. The Ontario government cites
evidence that PAs do in fact improve access and overall quality of care and that’s critical especially here at Sunnybrook,
being Canada’s largest trauma centre. I always introduce myself and tell them who I am.
Some people ask more questions and some people don’t. I strongly believe that at the end
of the day people just want to be heard, want their illnesses and concerns to be addressed, and they see that we’re all working as a part
of the team and that’s the important thing. With Sunnyview, I’m Monica Matys.

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  1. Assisting!?! A helping hand!? PA's are practitioners of medicine… not just assistants… with more training than Nurse Practitioners.

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