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– Hey there, Rob Burtman here
with Student Loan Planner. And if you’re a physician
assistant with six figures of student debt, then listen
up because I want to help you save thousands of dollars
paying back your student loans. You see, physician
assistants they have a unique situation because of
the amount of the debt that they graduate with and
their starting salaries. And they can really choose from one of two drastic options of paying
back their student loans. Both are financially optimal, but sometime physician
assistants get stuck in the murky middle, right. So the two ways to efficiently
pay back student loans, would be to refinance,
get a low interest rate, and throw everything you can
at paying back your loans. To have them paid off in 10 years or less. Now the other optimal
approach, if it fits in, would be to go the passive route. Signing up for an income
driven repayment plan, like pay as you earn, or
revised pay as you earn, trying to make your
payments as low as possible and maximizing your taxable
forgiveness at the end there. And physician assistants really
are in a unique situation because there kind of right on the cusp, where maybe the 10 year refinancing number may look a little bit intimidating, just on the cusp of intimidating. But the income driven repayment
plan that they might choose, would be a little bit too easy, right. Even with saving on the side
to prepare for the tax bump down the road. And so we often see
physician assistants doing is sort of the murky middle, which from a financial perspective is really, really inefficient. Where they maybe sign
up for an income driven repayment plan and they
throw money at paying back their loans and they end up
paying a higher interest loan. Or maybe they do a refinancing,
but instead of a 10 year or less term, they go for a 15 year term or a 20 year term. Now these things can actually
cost physician assistants thousands and thousands of dollars, paying back their student loans. And in the blog post below, I detail how we help physician assistants really figure out the
best path to pay back their student loans. Because most of you can really choose one of the two paths. The questions is which one is the best that’s going to fit in
with your lifestyle, and how do you feel
about your student debt. So in a consult, what
we do is we kind of get to the bottom of that
and help you figure out which way you want to go, and
help you commit to doing that and avoiding the murky middle. So if you’re a physician assistant with six figures of student debt, and you have any questions at all, reach out to me, I’d be
happy to help you out and hopefully schedule a consult so we can really dive in deep and save you thousands of dollars paying back your loans. Thanks.

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  1. Hello, thank you for setting up a wonderful channel.
    I am gonna start my Direct entry MSN- Nurse Practitioners school this fall, and the school tuition for 3 years is coming around 150 k. I wanna be proactive from the start to which kind of loans I should sign up, what other things I should be looking for.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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