Physician Assisted Suicide – The Real Effects

I chose to become a physician because I wanted
to make a difference in people’s lives. Recently, I had two different patients and
both needed live saving procedures. When requesting a transfer to a center in
their home states, one’s in California and one’s in Oregon, the insurance medical directors
I spoke with said they would not cover the life saving procedure that we’d requested. “But, hey, by the way, have you considered
assisted suicide?” Quite frankly, I was stunned. This is something we didn’t talk about, we
didn’t request, we didn’t ask for. As much as most insurance companies try to
come across as your best friend, they want to do whatever the least costly thing is. It’s a lot cheaper to grab a couple drugs
and kill you, than it is to provide you life sustaining therapy. Simple as that.


  1. So the death panels are real and turn out to be our insurance companies! SO not only was Sarah Palin right but it was far worse than even she predicted. If the death panel is our insurance company, guess who loses every time?

  2. This doctor provides no specifics about his allegations, so no one should take his unverifiable claims seriously. For example, he does not name the "life-saving procedures" the insurance companies allegedly refused to cover. These procedures could be experimental and untested, which insurance companies do not cover regardless of whether you live in a state where medical aid in dying is authorized or not. He also does not name the insurance companies that allegedly spoke to him or the names of the patients allegedly impacted or what terminal disease they had. Perhaps the reason for these omissions is that he was an avowed opponent of medical aid in dying before he made this video (see Las Vegas Review story posted at:

  3. It is obvious most insurance companies don't care.
    Their priority is making money.
    Some resort to dirty tactics to get rid of patients that might cost them more money.
    They lie to cover up.

  4. I have been talking about this for two years! Thank you for speaking out. My mom was urged daily and practically forced into hospice by her doctor. I ordered him to stay out of her room after I caught him telling her it could all be over by tonight. This is a practice that is now running rampant. Think about this…with Obamacare, Medicare and Medicaid the "Government" is essentially in the INSURANCE business.

  5. lol… US healthcare
    "meh it's too expensive to save them, they are poor, did you consider killing them?"
    The land of the free!!!! HOORAH!

  6. There are some conditions like ALS and other termial illnesses that i can understand why someone might want to do that, but that scenario is ridiculous

  7. Before Sean got this job selling medical insurance, he was the local child catcher. Just think all these millions of people each year who go missing and are never found. They could be being processed and turned into Spam or bacon sizzle for all we know. I wouldn't trust these evil bastards with anything. This is the mess you get when your right as a citizen to medical treatment is totally controlled by the private sector. These scum bags are offering euthanasia as an option for patients who need treatment. You're going to see this pushed even further where people who cant afford medication are simply euthanised. They'll put people to death once they retire from work, it will be better to kill them off. This im afraid it the way these freaks are going to maintain population growth. How can one offer death as an option along side treatment? Well its cheaper to kill them than keep them alive. We had world wars to cull the population, only now we're being replaced by religious inbred drones who do as they're told and have an average IQ of 70. These libtards are turning the western world into a degenerative shit hole, and its no accident either.


  9. they will give you new drugs that will make you commit suicide .glutacortacoids and antibiotics statins cipro steroid phsichosis and many more to hide doctors from knowing what is going onwith patiant . 100.000 suicides or more and upping

  10. My 87yr old father in love gets a call from his insurance co. Every month telling him to stop taking his needed medication against his doctors advice and behind his back. Thank God he lives with us and we keep him on his doctor's plan.

  11. what a nightmare. Doctors should be outraged they are suppose to save people not kill them. what a sad world we live in.

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