Physician Associate Studies | Life as an Physician Associate student at UEA | Veronika

Hi I’m Veronika and I’m a second-year
Physician Associate student at UEA. So the Physician Associate career isn’t
that well-established here in the UK, but it
is in other countries, such as the U.S. And I have a few relatives who live there
and they work there as doctors. And they do work alongside Physician
Associates, who are Physician Assistants
over there. So they told me about it, recommended it
as a career to me, so I looked into
different courses in the UK. So we are a dependent practitioner, so we
work directly under a doctor, but we are also very autonomous and we
do have more patient contact which is something that I was looking into when I was choosing
this as a career. A typical week would include lectures as
a course, but also with medical students. We also have sessions on
communication skills where we learned to do things like break bad news to patients, and we
also have sessions in the clinical skills lab where we learn to take blood
for example, as well as learn to perform examinations on patients. We are a small cohort, and we get on
really really well, and we all come from very different backgrounds. For example
we have nurses, physios and also people just come straight from university for
example from Biomed backgrounds. But that makes it really really good,
because it means that we can fill in each other’s knowledge gaps and it works quite well. It’s quite hard to answer because we’ve
learnt so many interesting things on this course. I have to say the communication skills has been really really good, especially someone like me
who hasn’t come from a clinical background, to learn how to be able to speak to
patients properly before we actually do see them in a very safe
environment has been really really useful. There have been many moments on this
course, especially on placements when I realised
that this is definitely is the career for me. For example in the first week on
placement last year a patient came up to
me and has said how just having someone to talk to, has made her stay
a lot more enjoyable, and that was really
really nice to hear. Growing up I always wanted to work in Pediatrics, starting this course I thought that’s where
I would eventually go into. But actually going on placement and
seeing the different areas where we can be involved, has made me realise just how versatile
this role is so I can’t really safely say where I’d want to eventually end up,
because it could be anywhere as I’ve really enjoyed it.

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  1. They should pay a lot more. As associate in UK is very small salary – similar to a teacher – especially for stress and work they do. In US is more than double UK rate. In fact, in US all salaries in medical are far more than UK.

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