Physician Bio: Adam Johnson, MD

Before I chose my career in medicine, I
was a researcher and found that the benefit that I was doing towards
people’s health, I wasn’t seeing that immediate reaction ,it wasn’t getting the
interaction with the patients and therefore I chose to go to medical
school and pursue medicine in order to interact with patients a little bit more
and actually see the benefit that I was doing. I’m a pediatric otolaryngologist
meaning we can do all encompassing pediatric ear nose and throat problems,
from ear infections, sniffily noses to airway surgeries, even doing cleft lip
and palate craniofacial surgery as well vascular anomalies. We’re actually doing a ton of research more so on the front of vascular anomalies where
there’s a lot of room for growth. I just want our patients to know that when they
come to the ACH pediatric otolaryngology service we’re gonna treat their kids
like they’re our children. Almost all of us have families and therefore we’re
going to give them the best care that we absolutely possibly can.

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