Physician Career Information : How to Become a Physician

certainly residency, you just go through an application process. Getting out into private
practice, my husband is a physician as well, and he and I both, basically searched throughout
the country, and found a city where we both thought, we would both have good jobs, and
applied for jobs, and were accepted, and that’s how we started out our careers together. You
know, medicine I think, is a little different than a lot of other fields, in that, there’s
not really a big break, other than your acceptance into medical school. I think that’s probably
a big break, and a big accomplishment, quite honestly, in and of itself. Certainly getting
into a particular residency program is a big break, but the nice thing about medicine,
is that once you become a physician, there’s not so much competition amongst physicians.
It’s a long time training, but once you get there, you’re there. My first job in medicine,
was as an intern, at Ben Taub Hospital in Houston, Texas. It was an intercity hospital.
We did a lot of trauma care. It was a very intense year. I learned a tremendous amount,
at the patient’s bedside, but I was very, very busy.


  1. I would really like o know if its possible to make time for the people you love while training to be a physician.

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