Physician Career Information : Physician’s Hardest Day

My hardest day as a physician, was my first
year as a physician. I was an intern at Ben Taub, and took care of a little girl, who
had been hit by a car, and she died, and the hardest thing that I’ve ever done, was going
to tell that little girl’s mother, that she had died, after we had worked for over an
hour, to try to save her. I think because I really felt a connection with the mom, and
just realizing how sad she was, and it was really, really tough, and as a physician,
what happens is, you learn to wall that part of yourself off. You almost harden yourself
to it, so that you can deal with it, and go on, and take care of the next patient, but
it’s a really, really, challenging aspect of the practice of medicine. Some general
difficulties, certainly the constant pressure to not make a mistake. Feeling overwhelmed
at times, because of the vast amount of information, the amount of medications that are available,
the number of drug interactions that can occur. That can be overwhelming, and then certainly
in this day and age, when we all know that our health system is in a bit of a crisis.
The sense of having loss control, and not being able to do for your patients ,what you
would ideally like to provide for them, is very, very frustrating.

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