Physician Career Information : Why Become a Physician?

O.k. Now go ahead and let’s turn. Can you?
Well, let’s see. Back yourself up. Good, good and come on. Keep coming. I think, I became
a physician because I saw the joy that it brought to my father and my grandfather. I
really don’t know, if you can get a better job. Than helping other human beings who are
suffering. And helping them to alleviate their suffering. My path is, is really a neat one.
My grandfather was a primary care physician, back before antibiotics were available. My
father’s a surgeon. I have several cousins who are physicians. And I particularly, got
interested in rehabilitation medicine. Because I have a brother, who has a head injury. And
I saw, at his bed side. The impact that a physician made in his life. And thought, I
want to be like that person. You know, in my particular case, coming from a family of
physicians. I fought it, for a while. I think, it was a calling for a long time. But I started
college, actually majoring in Accounting. And after that, in my first year of college.
I realized that, that was not doing it for me. So I switched over to my pre-med studies.
And I’ve been really happy with my decision, ever since. I wanted to be one of those people,
that does special effects for Star Wars.


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  2. Does anyone know how to reach the poster of this video series? I would liek to use this video for a project and need written permission from the owner. Thanks!

  3. I'm 12, I want to become a physician and make fantastic grades (I know that at this level it doesn't matter. literally all you have to do is listen) I've researched a lot, but I was expecting there to be something that a retired physician couldn't tell me like you can. Any tips?

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