Physician Contract Review – Pattern

Picture this: You have spent what seems like
an eternity in training and racked up what seems like a life fortune in debt just to
get to this point. You are now holding your first attending job offer in your hands. The
location seems nice, the employer seems nice, and the money seems really nice! But what
about the rest of the contract. You wonder, what could be in all of these pages and what
is a restrictive covenant anyways? So you start reading the documents and on
page four of twenty seven realize that it was written by an attorney, for the employer,
to protect the employer before they even knew who you were. You ask, “How can this contract
possibly provide a job opportunity that is in my best interest and that addresses my
unique circumstances”. It’s at that moment that you realize the cards are stacked against
you and you need someone to be on your side. It would be nice to have legal and financial
professionals on call in your time of need the same way you are for others. Introducing OnCall Advisors’ Physician Contract
Review Services. You can choose from three different levels of contract reviews that
range from our Essential Level analysis and feedback to our Advocate Level direct negotiation
service. All levels include consultations with an experienced, physician contract specialist
attorney and a physician-only financial advisor to provide expertise regarding your compensation
and benefits. All of this, for less than what many local attorneys charge for their most
basic review. Now you can have the professionals on your
side, on call, to ensure you sign your first attending contract with confidence. Remember,
the best employment offers aren’t given, they’re made! Make yours today with the help of OnCall

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