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[ Silence ] >> [birds singing] Hi. I’m Kit Abendroth. I’m on the College of Medicine faculty. I work in the department of pathology, and
I’ve been working with medical students for close to 20 years now. So this is a special day for me to have our
son, Michael, become a member of the class, and just so excited about having him here
for the next four years and seeing him grow and develop as a physician. >> Tom Abendroth: Tom Abendroth. I’m the chief information officer of Penn
State Hershey Medical Center and College of Medicine, and I’m tremendously proud to have
our son entering this profession. >> Michael Abendroth: Michael Abendroth. I’ve been around medicine most of my life
through my parents. So it’s great to finally enter into the profession. Very excited about it and it’s great to be
closer to them in sharing this experience with them. >> Phil Cantori: Hi. I’m Phil Cantori. I’m in the department of ophthalmology. >> Katie Cantori: And I’m Katie Cantori. >> Phil Cantori: And I’m very pleased that
Katie is here. When I was a medical student, we came to Hershey
on a vacation, and I remember turning to my wife and remarking that how nice a place this
would be to be going to medical school because I, myself, was in New York City, and I’m just
very pleased that Katie’s had the opportunity to go to medical school up here. >> Katie Cantori: I absolutely loved growing
up in Hershey, and after being away for four years in college, I’m just excited to be back. >> Hi. I’m Robert Atnip. I’m a vascular surgeon here at the Medical
Center, professor, professor of surgery. [background talk] Been here very long time,
and it’s amazing that the day has come when my daughter is starting in medical school. So she has been thinking about this for a
very long time. Now the work really begins. >> Elizabeth Atnip: Thank you. [laughs] Pretty much took everything I was
going to say. I’m Elizabeth Atnip. I am this man’s daughter. I’m so excited to finally be starting med
school and the white coat ceremony was a huge step in that whole thing, and I was gratefully
happy that my dad got to put on my coat today. So very meaningful to me. [laughs] >> OK. Couple more, here we are. And one more. Good.

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