Physician Friday: Meet Dr. Bryan Russell

I’m Dr. Bryan Russell providing care
here at Kennestone Hospital to foot and ankle surgery patients. Growing up my dad was a teacher and coach, and so always involved in sports, and loved it and I had
experience with success in that but also had the opposite, which is the agony
when you have the pain and suffering from an injury. And I’ve had now 13 knee surgeries, so that’s led me into wanting to kind of give back and trying to help
with others you know in that situation There was a doctor, Chris Coetzee, that I
trained with and seeing how much he had a passion for it and how good he was you
just you want to emulate those individuals and so that’s what
gravitated me towards this. I do trauma reconstruction so that would be
fall down and you break something or you sprain an ankle. The reconstructive
component is malalignment after an injury like that or if you have a
certain type of birth defect or something you’re born with, we then can
fix that with reconstructive surgery You can’t just be an individual that says
you have this problem and this is how we’re going to treat it, you are a
patient just as much as they are and so if you have that experience you will try
to then emulate that experience back to them as a physician

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  1. I shattered my calcaneus a few years back and required 3 surgeries. Bryan Russel was a godsend. I returned to work for 12 hour days on concrete, following his care. I was not the best patient or surgical candidate. I just broke my toe and was disappointed to see that Minnesota lost him to GA. Good Luck Dr Russell

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