Physician Profile: Carey Dellock

(piano music) – Hi, I’m Carey Dellock, MD,
Interventional Cardiology at Capital Regional Medical Center. I’m the mom to two young boys, so that keeps me pretty busy. I decided that I wanted to be
a doctor in the second grade. I still am friends with that girl friend, and I remember her mom asking both of us what we wanted to be when we grew up. And I remember that I distinctly said that I wanted to be a doctor. The only difference is,
at that point in time, I had said that I wanted
to be a brain surgeon. It’s changed a little bit over the time, but ever since then I have
always wanted to be a doctor. It really only changed one other time. I actually started my medical
career as a general surgeon. I started a residency in general surgery and I switched in my internship
to internal medicine. The interesting thing
about internal medicine is that internal medicine
allows you the opportunity to do various different specialties. The thing I liked about general
surgery was trauma surgery. And so the excitement of trauma, I think is interesting that
I’ve kind of come 180 degrees, if you will, and I’m an
interventional cardiologist. Which means that I’m the person you meet in the emergency room if
you’re having a heart attack. So I am the emergency part of cardiology. And so I think the excitement and the adrenaline rush of cardiology is the field that I chose. I enjoy that a great deal. One of the things that
makes us different is that we’re quite proud of our
door to balloon time. Which is how quickly the artery is opened in somebody who’s having a heart attack. And so for us here at Capital Regional, we actually have the number one door to balloon time
in all of HCA hospitals across the country, so I’m very proud to be a part of that. The other thing is that our practice, currently is made up of all
board certified physicians. We don’t have any physician extenders, nurse practitioners, et cetera, although at times we
really could use some. But when you’re seeing a
healthcare provider in our practice you’re seeing a physician.

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